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Toyota presented its utterance about the earthquake

We continue to give priority to supporting relief efforts that are deployed in the affected areas and ensure that our team members, the employees of subsidiary factories producing vehicles and our suppliers - and all members their families - are in security.

To this end, we stop production at all plants in Japan (including subsidiaries that manufacture vehicles) from March 14 to 16.

We will continue to post updates as we receive a new information.

Previous updates:

The partners and members of Team Toyota in North America extend their most sincere condolences to the people of Japan, their colleagues and their families.

Currently, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has established a special emergency crew at the scale of the company to assess the situation and take initial measures.

Until now, Toyota has confirmed that there were no injuries REPORTED is headquartered in Tokyo, or in its offices Higashifuji, Tochigi and Yamanashi, or in its Toyota Motor Tohoku.

We continue to gather information about our other operations in Japan.

All TMC plants have restarts production.

Plants that have ceased production plants are subsidiaries of Toyota, including:

§ Plant Toyota Motor Hokkaido

§ Plant Toyota Motor Tohoku

§ Plant Central Motor Miyagi, which also produces the Yaris model.

§ Kanto Auto Works Tohoku Plant, which also produces the Scion xB and Scion xD.

The employees of these facilities were evacuated to the safe places.

We are also trying to assess the situation at our suppliers and dealers, as well as the impact this disaster will have on imported vehicles in North America.

Toyota has absolute priority to support its employees at TMC, and our partner companies, suppliers and dealers during this period. We will continue to provide updates as we receive a further information.

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