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Production vehicles was slowed in Japan

The earthquake last Friday with a magnitude of 8.9 on the Richter scale, a sad record, which was followed by a huge tsunami had tragic consequences for the population and for some automakers who possess the assembly plants in the north of the archipelago. Thus, Toyota, Honda and Nissan were the most affected.


The Japanese giant, which owns four factories in this sector, the temporarily shut and it should be noted that the main suppliers of parts installed out there have done the same. Less than 24 hours later, the plants were reopened.


For its part, Honda has closed two assembly plants whose complex Sayama. In addition, its research and development located in Tochigi remain firm as one of its walls collapsed who causes the death of an employee while several others sustained multiple injuries.


North of the archipelago, Nissan has been force to close four production sites of vehicles heavily damaged by the passage of the earthquake.

On their side, manufacturers Mitsubishi and Suzuki were rather Eparges by the earthquake. It is the same for Mazda.

As it should be, all these manufacturers are currently evaluate the consequences of this disaster with their suppliers, dealers and their customers worldwide.

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