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Toyota presented its schedule for the restoration of normal production

After a thorough analysis of the situation of key suppliers by the earthquake and tsunami, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) today announced a gradual resumption of production from July in Japan and the month of August in America North. The return of normal production for all models should be complete by November or December 2011.

The difference of one month between the date of resumption of production is due to the delay of shipment of parts from Japan to factories in the world.

"I apologize for these delays delivery to all our customers who have decided to purchase one of our vehicles," stated Akio Toyoda, president of TMC at a press conference announcing the timetable for standardization production. "

Currently, manufacturing plants in Japan turn 50% of their capacity due to the shortage of some parts, while plants in North America operate at 30% of their capacity due to supply difficulties.

The company has announced its intention to deal with the same suppliers, but do not rule out the possibility of ordering spare parts to other suppliers. TMC explained that the production of new vehicles is affected because of supply disruptions for about 150 pieces, mainly electronic components, rubber and plastic. However, spare parts for service sales and repairs are available

TMC also announced that it will continue to do everything PIECE to minimize the consequences on employment. As was announced at the beginning of the week, no layoffs are planned in North America.

"All the company committed itself to find solutions that allow us to shorten these delays," stated Mr. Toyoda.

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