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Toyota announces two new voluntary recalls

And amends the campaigns that relate to the potential interference of the floor mat in 2009 ANNOUNCED

    * Changing the plastic panel has integrated the driver some vehicles Lexus GS 300 AWD and 350 carpet rating

    * Replacing the cover carpet side driver vehicles Lexus RX and Toyota Highlander

    * Models Add voluntary campaigns improvement of safety and recall related security mats

Given the importance that attaches Toyota has confidence in its vehicles, Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) will conduct a voluntary recall campaign of safety of approximately 850 vehicles GS 300 and GS 350 AWD model year 2006 and early model year 2007 to change the shape of the plastic panel has integrated the driver's side carpet. If the carpet is not added back to the correct position around the Accelerator pedal after a maintenance service, there is a possibility that the plastic panel integrates a carpet make interference with the operation of the pedal Accelerator . If this happens, it could be that the Accelerator pedal gets stuck temporarily partially depressed position.

Toyota will also proceed to voluntary safety recall of approximately 17,000 vehicles RX 330, RX 350 and RX 400h model years 2004 2006 and the beginning of the 2007 model year and approximately 13,000 Highlander vehicles 2004 Highlander Hybrid and 2006 to replace their carpet covers driver side. If the retaining clip that holds the front cover carpet driver side, which is before the central block is not installed properly, the cover carpet can tilt toward the accelerator pedal and make interference with the arm pedal Accelerator. If this happens, it could be that the Accelerator pedal gets stuck temporarily partially depressed position.

Toyota USA as its fine that relate to campaigns mats, Toyota Canada also conducts the amendment of its improvement in the safety and security INITIATED recall campaigns in autumn 2009 in response to the potential risk of a bad floor mat fixed or make incompatible interference with the accelerator pedal. The models added to the improvement of the safety campaign are:

    * 16,000 vehicles 4Runner 2003 2009; and

    * 99,300 vehicles RAV4 2006 2010.

TCI made on the vehicles of its Canadian customers the same changes as those that will be performed in the United States.

The following model was added to the recall campaign security in late 2009 to replace a floor mat all season Lexus originally sold as an accessory and make changes to the vehicle:

    * 850 vehicles Lexus LX 570 2008 2011.

No other Toyota or Lexus vehicle is key in this recall, and Toyota is not aware of any accident or any injury that would have been caused by this state of affairs.

The owners concerned by the campaign announced today by TCI will be notified shortly by first class mail and will receive the same opportunity of precisions of the countryside and the problem that affects their vehicle. Newly ANNOUNCED corrections and improvements and amended will be made at no cost to the owners of vehicles by Toyota and Lexus dealers. Waiting to receive their opinions campaign, TCI recommends that vehicle owners Lexus LX 570 to remove any protective mat all seasons Genuine Lexus driver side, sold as an accessory for their vehicle.

Customers who wish more precisions or answers to certain questions should contact the Centre Customer Interaction Toyota at 1-888-TOYOTA-8 or Lexus Canada at 1 800 265-3987, or visit online or

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