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General-Motors takes the bull by the horns

The president of the new company General Motors-M.Fritz Henderson, just put cards on the table regarding the development of new products, which will take place on the North American automotive chessboard and as quickly as possible, while restoring confidence for future buyers to the brand.

In outline:

-    By 2011, 25 new models will be developed for an accelerated marketing.

-    Cadillac confirms the imminent arrival of a compact luxury sports sedan that will become the new gateway to the brand.

-    The Chevrolet Volt, all electrical power will take the road next year. According to the data of the manufacturer, the latter would be able to do nothing less than 230 miles per gallon in city traffic.

-    Six new vehicles will lances for the year-2010 models.

-    Establishment of a computer network called 'The Lab', to gather information from the public about any specifically the design of new products of the company and that should better meet the tastes and customs of Customer has a back ...

A busy year model 2010

The 2009 model year that is ending for most manufacturers, has been more than painful for General Motors, and in almost all spheres of activity, particularly in North American soil. Fortunately for the latter, the dark days are now part of the past year and 2010 promises to be a hinge period to lead GM to better days.

To do this, the four brands that have been saved as a result of reorganization, announced that they will introduce for 2010 no less than six new vehicles template intermediate downhill, beneficiant new engines more economical, among others, by the presence of four new engines associated cylinder has cars or vehicles of intermediate category.

Here by brand, the main novelties that will be offered in 2010:


-    The new Buick Allure benefited a look at once more elance and graceful. A new four-cylinder 2.4-liter engine will join the new v6 direct injection.

-    A little later in 2010, Buick will offer a new crossover vehicle compact size, offering among other things an engine bi-energy or type 'Plug-In' which should make its appearance in 2011.


-    The SRX Crossover gets a makeover and wants much more seductive style compared to its predecessor. Its V6 3.0 and 2.8 t say more economical and more environmentally friendly.

-    The new Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon comes here perk this popular range. The term 'Sport Wagon is not too much and the latter is proud to offer cargo space ranging from 720 to 1523 liters.


-    After a gap of seven years, the Camaro is back as a star of cinema, whose behavior changes at the discretion of the customs and tastes of its owner or the choice of powertrain.

-    Another great success for GM in 2010, the new Equinox crossover that takes advantage of major changes, both aesthetic and technical. According to GM, 2/3 of the owners of Equinox, have opted for the four-cylinder engine.


-    The new vehicle comes here Terrain position as a new entry-level product. Compact size, it inherits as of course the new facies of the brand and engines of his brother, the Chevrolet Equinox.

As we can see and in the light of information coming from us be transmitted by the executive of General Motors, the future of the new company is preparing for now, and a certain enthusiasm just point the nose on the side of the new managers who admittedly have a huge challenge ...

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