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Ford and Toyota put an end to Their cooperation on hybrid systems

Ford and Toyota-have Decided to put an end to seal Their research on hybrid systems for trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

Both Automakers Said They Would continued on Tuesday Each Their Work On Their Side.

Ford and Toyota HAD Decided to form a partnership, there are two Years After Their CEOs Will Be Crusader by luck in a airport. Engineers of Both companies-have meetings and spoke Frequently In Their respective laboratories.

HOWEVER, the head of Product Development of Ford, Raj Nair, Has Said That the two companies needed to move on to the final stage of the development of systems and install em in vehicles. Ford wants to be ble to offer hybrid trucks and SUVs by the end of the decade.

Currently there is no work on hybrid gasoline-electricity system for a propulsion vehicles like trucks. Hybrid cars Ford and Toyota systems are designed for vehicles HAS traction and are not Powerful enough for trucks.

Ford and Toyota put an end to Their cooperation on hybrid systems picture #1

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