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Communauto and the Plateau-Mont-Royal Auto-mobile launch

Communauto and the Plateau-Mont-Royal today announced the startup of a pilot project by commissioning a fleet of twenty vehicles 100% electric self-service without reservation, and from the mid June. The objective of the project on the territory of the Plateau-Mont-Royal will evaluate the benefits and impacts of such a service.

This research will be framed by researchers at the Polytechnique Montreal Mobility Chair and relies on the collaboration of Diamond Taxi, with whom it will be possible to compare the effects of service on user behavior.

"Communauto is convinced that many data are still unknown as to the impact and the profits of a self-service system without booking. Auto-mobile project is a means to clear up these uncertainties and to contribute positively to the public consultation already announced by the City of Montreal on the issue. We will share the results with other actors involved: the taxi industry and transport companies. The choice of 100% electric vehicles also brings relevance to project, "says Benoit Robert, chairman and ceo of Communauto.

Luc Ferrandez, mayor of the Plateau-Mont-Royal, took the opportunity to announce two measures designed to encourage car sharing, a practice already widespread in the district.

The first measure is the creation of 150 new parking spaces reserved for vehicles Communauto on floor by the end of 2014, of which half this year. These spaces allow residents of Plateau have access to more vehicles Communauto and thus increase the convenience of car sharing service, the benefits of which are important for a central and densely people as the Plateau. (Currently Communauto has 17 seats reserved parking on floor in Plateau-Mont-Royal and pays $ 1,035 annually, plus tax, per seat. A similar rate pricing is planned for new places.)

The second measure is the creation of a universal label that will allow users of vehicles in carsharing parking in the reserved for residents (PRAS) areas. "Recall that the district has materially increased the supply of places in areas SRRR busiest," stressed Mr. Ferrandez. "In addition, users of carsharing have no interest in letting the vehicles in their possession immobile for long periods. "

As is the case for commercial vehicles and delivery service, car-sharing vehicles without universal sticker continue to enjoy the right to be stations in SRRR areas for up to 60 minutes.

"As for the electric car to share vehicles, all elements of the solution are gathered. The time has come to make a great leap forward. It is normal that the Plateau that ca happen, "summarizes Mr. Ferrandez.

Auto-mobile: how does it work?

From mid-June, interested persons and Communauto subscribers can register online to use this new service.

Registrants will find the nearest car using their smart phone or on the internet. Once a vehicle identified, they can block a few minutes time to get there, and use it immediately to make their way from point A to point B. The cars will be available thanks to the OPUS card whose number will be registered in Auto-mobile. Arrived in destination, simply park the vehicle on the street or signaling permits on the territory of the Plateau-Mont-Royal, and release him.

Parking will be allowed on all unregulated curb areas and for the time of the pilot project, the district will use the parking areas for residents. Users should ensure that they do not park the vehicle in affectees soon by scanning operations areas. It is forbidden to leave a vehicle in a PARCOMETRE area or a parking lot.

Subscription to Auto-mobile service will be $ 0 under the pilot project. Pricing will be $ 0.38 / minute, $ 12 / hour $ 50 / day. The electric vehicles will recharge periodically by a team of Communauto to always ensure proper availability of vehicles and loads to many displacements.

About Communauto

Founded in 1994, Communauto is a company environmental, social and urban vocation that serves more than 27,000 subscribers thanks to a fleet of nearly 1,200 cars offered self-service, 24 hours 7 days 24 and 7, in complement transit and active transportation. Communauto vehicles are available in 390 based in Montreal, Quebec, Gatineau and Sherbrooke stations. For more information about Communauto and its points of service, please visit site.

Source: communauto

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