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Brands which are illustrated in Canada in 2012

Compiled by the Ontario company Desrosiers Automotive Consultants, in the early years of data, we reveal that manufacturers have recorded their best sales since 2002.

At the time, it was sold nearly 1.7 million vehicles, while for the year 2012 was Running a little over 1.6 million vehicles across Canada.

Of this number, 759,795 units from GM / Ford / Chrysler manufacturers, while foreign manufacturers have sold 915,880 vehicles.

10 brands that are illustrated:

Ford sold 275,953 units (16.5% of total work);

Chrysler / Fiat sold 242,224 units (14.5% of total work);

GM sold 226,825 units (13.5% of total work).

Toyota sold 176,957 units (10.6% of total work);

Hyundai sold 136,283 units (8.1% of total work);

Honda sold 131,558 units (7.9% of total work);

Kia sold 77,800 units (4.6% of total work);

Nissan sold 74,201 units (4.4% of total work);

Mazda sold 71,638 units (4.3% of total work);

Volkswagen sold 59,132 units (3.5% of total work.

In total, it sold 759,795 cars, 915,880 against family vehicles, vans and trucks.

We also learned that the sales of these 10 manufacturers represent 87.9% of the Canadian automotive march 2012.

Brands which are illustrated in Canada in 2012 picture #1

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