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The profit of General Motors bottom 14 percent in third quarter

The American mastodon automotive General Motors appears Wednesday in a profit decline of 14 percent in the third quarter.

GM has garnered a profit of U.S. $ 1.48 billion between July and September, compared to U.S. $ 1.73 billion a year earlier. This deterioration is attributable to the increase in pre-tax losses blotted Europe and declining North American profit.

The automaker has harvest against a solid profit in South America and its results was outside China have exceeded expectations.

GM has nevertheless welcomed its quarterly performance, saying it demonstrated that its efforts are beginning to bear fruit. Four of the five divisions of GM shows a profit, with the exception of Europe.

Detroit firm has realized a profit of 89 cents per share, against U.S. $ 1.03 per share last year. Its revenues were popular 2.5 percent to U.S. $ 37.6 billion.

Excluding non-recurring items, the quarterly earnings of GM figure 93 cents per share, while Wall Street economists predicted a profit of 60 cents per share.

In Europe, GM reported a loss before tax of U.S. $ 478 million, against U.S. $ 292 million last year. In North America, the pre-tax earnings slid 17 percent to U.S. $ 1.8 billion.

In South America, the company reversed the loss of U.S. $ 44 million last year epoongee to show a profit of U.S. $ 114 million thanks to the popularity of new models. International activities of GM, which depend essentially sectors outside of China have almost doubled their profit before tax was U.S. $ 689 million.

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