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Ferrari F70: a Detroit or Geneva?

The car that will replace the iconic Ferrari Enzo was to be unveiled at the International Auto Show in Detroit.

However, there is every reason to believe that the event will be presented in March 2013 at the International Motor Show in Geneva.

To replace the presentation of the Ferrari F70, the Italian Fiat Group decided to unveil in Detroit in the first world, the next version of the Maserati Quattraporte.

Ferrari F70

This ultra lightweight racing car that will weigh only 1,134 pounds, will be to compete with hyper performance sports cars, built by hand by small independent companies: Koenigseeg, Pagani, Rinspeed and others.

Cars made in just a few copies sold and has astronomical prices.

It appears that for this, the Ferrari F70 will have a V12 engine power would be around 920 horses.

Ferrari F70: a Detroit or Geneva? picture #1

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