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Ferrari F70: the teaser of the rear section

Since the presentation at the Paris Motor Show Paris ultra lightweight frame of the F70, the Scuderia has unveiled a teaser of the front sections of the developing fireball.

An ultra sporty cut that is reminiscent of the beautiful Ferrari Enzo was produced in only 399 units, between years 2002 and 2005.

The lighter frame

In Paris, the manufacturer had put the emphasis on the chassis of the F70, the weight should not exceed 70 kg (154 lb), 20% lighter than the Enzo.

A feat made possible by a generous use of carbon fiber.

Finally, the total weight of the car will be around 1100 kg.

Hybrid engine?

The Ferrari F70 will become the most powerful sports car of this prestigious brand, and could have a hybrid powertrain composed of thundering V12 6.3 liter 750 horsepower about associates has an electric motor that will add 100 More.

An approach that is reminiscent of the Porsche 918 and Acura NSX, currently under development.

A Detroit or Geneva

So far, I believe that the organizers of the International Auto Show in Detroit, have the great honor to unveil its world premiere, this fabulous high-performance sports car.

Today, I believe more and more that this is the International Motor Show in Geneva, which has come back the honors of presenting the F70. It will open its doors March 7, 2013.

Unless the Scuderia in come to prefer the Auto Show in Shanghai, which is increasingly a place of world premieres, reserved for prestigious vehicles - highly prized by the Chinese - and sold at very high prices .

Ferrari F70: the teaser of the rear section picture #1

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