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Renault Samsung Motors displays its leadership in matters of electric vehicles

Renault Samsung Motors (whose CEO is Francois PROVOST) exhibited at the Salon International de l'Automobile in Busan 2012 (BIMOS) held at BEXCO center under the main theme of "Electric Vehicles, Leadership & the Future" until June 3 The show will be held for 11 days from 24 May, the date of the day reserved to the press.

The company will expose his model SM3 ZE, a 100% electric vehicle that will be manufactured in the factory in Busan and will be available for sale in 2013, the charging equipment, batteries and other technologies relating to electric vehicles such as MIV (Mobile in Vehicle) and P2C (Phone to Car). All these items illustrate branding efforts to improve its image in matters of environmental and demonstrate that it is at the forefront of advances in automotive industry constantly evolving.

Based technology implementations in the field of electric vehicles from the Renault Group, RSM SM3 ZE now developed a model electric car locally developed. The Company has also undertaken a sophisticated test program and implemented other technologies Jeju in order to validate new technical solutions. It has also established partnerships with local companies such as leading LG Chem, SK Planet to LSIS and the production of electric vehicles and has developed a range of initiatives including car rental electric with POSCO ICT and commercialization of electric cars.

Furthermore SM3 ZE, RSM also exposes SM3 2.0 Turbo Racing Car, which will debut in the biggest car championship track of Korea, the "Super Race".

SM3 ZE, a true leader in the field of electric cars

This year, SM3 Z.E. RSM is the flagship model in the lounge of Busan. This 100% electric vehicle is the first factory in Korea and sold on the market for electric cars intermediate segment. This electric model will integrate a series of last-art technology developed by Renault Group and RSM.

In UDDS (Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule) mode, SM3 ZE (ZE = Zero Emission of carbon dioxide), can travel up to 182 km on a single charge. The engine delivers a power of 70 kW (95 hp.), Allowing a maximum speed of 135 km / h, and possesses a maximum torque of 226 Nm LG Chem lithium-ion battery will be equipped with 24 kilowatts SM3 ZE from 2013 is placed vertically in the boot and recovery system of energy between depending on low speed to recharge the battery.

Three different methods are available to charge the battery SM3 ZE, the manufacturing and marketing series will begin in 2013. The most common method is to charge the car battery using a 220 V power supply at home or office. Alternatively, the system 400 V fast charging can fully recharge the battery in 30 minutes.

Finally, users can exchange their batteries in minutes in the centers 'Quick Drop' Renault Group. This system allows rapid deposited to increase the autonomy of the vehicle and thus facilitate long journeys.

RSM currently developed various economic models with several local partners, such as programs of vehicles in car sharing, rental vehicles and fleets of electric taxis. The objective of RSM is to provide competitive electric vehicles thanks to attractive economic models compared to vehicles using conventional fuels, taking into account the implementation of electric for vehicles and grants from the state infrastructure.

SM3 Racing Car

SM3 2.0 Racing Car is based on the model and serial SM3 receives the M4R engine 2000 cm3 which is graft a Garrett turbocharger. In addition to the safety equipment rigor with which it is endowed (rollbar, bucket seats, 4-point safety harness, external emergency cutout), shock absorbers and springs adapted to the competition replace the original parts. In order to improve the performance of the car, its weight has been reduced and competition tires of "slick" type are mounted, not to mention the various settings required in use in the race.

"Super Race" is the most important championship on track Korea. It is intended for series cars modified in accordance with regulations. Each year about seven races are organized between March and November. The first race of the 2012 season took place on May 5 and 6 on the International Circuit Yeongam F1.

Renault Samsung Motors

RSM and Renault have invested 1.7 trillion of south korean won (approximately € 1.15 billion) during the 12 last years. RSM has 1.3 million customers in Korea and exports to over 60 countries left in the world. Quality is the first priority of RSM for 10 years occupying the first place in Korea according to surveys of customer satisfaction. As a full-fledged automaker's competitive work very Korean, RSM has a privileged place in Renault and Renault-Nissan Alliance. RSM henceforth extends its range to conform to the evolution of the Korean work and new consumer expectations: today SM3 ZE tomorrow with new concepts such as Captur.

Source: Renault Samsung

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