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Kia Canada Inc. decreed August 21, 2012 as the second day rule change

Kia Canada Inc. (KCI) is pleased to announce the second edition of the day dominate the change that will take place August 21, 2012. Initiative dominate the change is a vital part of the program of social responsibility KCI and stresses commitment Kia positively supporting communities across Canada.

"The second annual edition of the day dominate the change will build on the success of the program last year to encourage and celebrate all initiatives in the country" to assert Maria Soklis, vice-president and head of the exploitation of Kia Canada. "We ask all Canadians to get involved and make a difference in someone's life. "

In partnership with Shaw Media (including: Global TV, History Television, HGTV, TVTropolis, Food Network, Slice, National Geographic Channel, BBC MovieTime and Canada) and Quebecor Media (including: VAT, CASA, Miss, Hi, Hello, VAT News), the message of the day dominate the change of Kia Canada will proudly distributes in ads and segments on television, on a national scale. An Ad On TV series featuring popular ambassadors Anouk Meunier, Francois Tremblay, Patrick Marsolais, Rick Campanelli, Catherine Marion, Peter Fallico and Michael Smith has been produced to encourage Canadians to visit the website of the day dominate the change at the address

The Tele ads tell the stories of past experiences sincere was reach out and encourage people to get involved in this initiative. These stories will be Broadcast over the emission Hi, Hello! and ET Canada. All featured ambassadors will take part in public events by August 21, inclusive, that will be plenty for your media.

How to get involved:

During their visit to the website of the day dominate the change address, visitors will be invited to share their initiatives using a road map dominate the distinctive change. In addition, the website presents easy instructions to visitors so that they are involved in any way at home, at work or in the community and offers ideas of participation in the initiative. Among these events, four winners, one from each region of Canada - Atlantic, Eastern, Central and Western - will be selected by a committee lead the change and receive a gift of $ 10,000 from Kia Canada.

Kia Canada invites everyone to visit the site and share a project they undertake by August 21, 2012 inclusive, day dominate the change.

To educate and inspire Canadians on a national scale, the following points of contact have been implemented in conjunction with the day dominate the change:

Website: administrative headquarters of program control change -

Website optimized cell

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube used to communicate, inspire and share stories dominate the change with subscribers. 

Source: Kia Canada Inc.

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