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How a heat wave can disappear a vehicle!

With warm temperatures and summer holiday period in full swing, many Quebecois opt for a more relaxed attitude, often resulting in the adoption of more risk behaviors. According to a recent survey, 10% of respondents said they have been victims of car theft and many say they have habits at risk for theft throughout the year.

Stay cool this summer can be risky, especially for men!

According to the most recent data from Statistics Canada [i], over 22,000 vehicles were stolen in 2011 in Quebec. It is therefore not surprising that car theft is a major concern for the Quebecois. LoJack Canada, distributor of the Boomerang brand, and now the LoJack brand, recently demand Angus Reid to conduct a survey to know the opinion of the owners of vehicle in Quebec and Ontario regarding the theft of the vehicle.

The results of the survey reveal that although 90% of respondents to the survey take concrete measures to prevent theft, as park their car in a well lit area and make sure to lock the doors, many also have behaviors that promote vehicle theft, especially men:

Leave the car with the keys in the ignition and the engine running to keep the air conditioned is based on risk. Twenty-four percent of Ontarians and 17% of Quebecois have responded have already left their car unattended. The worst culprits are men, 24% admitted to this behavior, compared to 17% of women.

Ontarians (44%) are more likely than Quebecois (30%) to park their vehicle in the left unlocks a behavior most often takes men (42%) than women (33%).

"Given the potential for theft and risk behaviors of owners of vehicles, the installation of a tracking device is the only way to locate and recover a car or truck stolen. Even if there are other anti-theft devices, the LoJack solution is the only device able to locate stolen cars or trucks across Quebec, Ontario and the United States. They are so reliable that they can even identify vehicles in areas where GPS signals are blocked, as in steel containers, "says Michael Lendick, national director of security and police relations LoJack Canada.

An expensive crime

Stress causes the theft of a vehicle is not the only major drawback; such an experience is compelling and can be surprisingly expensive. According to the survey, many Quebecois (78%) indicates think the insurance company will cover everything related to the theft of the vehicle, compared to 64% of Ontarians. This is not the case, because the victim will pay on average $ 2,500 in miscellaneous expenses, even if it has insurance replacement vehicle. In addition, the Insurance Bureau of Canada estimates that the theft of a vehicle costing Canadians a billion dollars a year because of costs to the insurance and police lies, which leads to an increase in insurance premium for each policyholder.

"Most victims of vehicle theft are not aware of financial true impact for themselves and others. That is why it is important to understand all the details of the insurance policy and contact their insurer as soon as possible in case of theft. Especially, if they equip their vehicle with an efficient and reliable LoJack device theft victims can identify and quickly retrieve their car or truck flies, and so reduce to a minimum the costs associated with flight, "says Michael Lendick.

Methodology of the survey

From 25 to 29 May 2012, a survey was conducted online among a sample of 808 Ontarians and Quebecois owners of a car belonging to the Angus Reid Forum panel. The margin of error for the entire database, which measures sampling variability-is + / - 3.4%. Discrepancies between totals are due to rounding.

About LoJack Canada

Founded in 1995 under the name Boomerang Tracking, LoJack Canada quickly became a technological leader in tracking stolen property. The company offers a growing anxiety about the solution for the protection and recovery of the vehicle and other property of value stolen in Canada. LoJack offers a variety of affordable tracking systems and recovery of vehicle equipped with the technology of radio frequency self-sustaining, independent of the electrical system of the vehicle. Heavy machinery, commercial and recreational vehicles are also protected by LoJack C, a system enhances tracking and recovery easy to install and conceal. LoJack helped recover more than 7,200 vehicles and other assets, which are worth about $ 352 million in Canada.

The company and its trained teams in recovery of vehicles working closely with enforcement agencies of the law. The company also helps police make more than 500 arrests in the last five years. In 2004, Boomerang became a wholly owned subsidiary of LoJack Corporation (NASDAQ: LOJN), the company that invented, there are more than two decades, devices stolen vehicle tracking and remains the leader undisputed world in tracking and recovering stolen assets in more than 30 countries worldwide. Tracking technology is used by insurance companies worldwide. To date, more than 300,000 vehicles stolen valued at nearly $ 4 billion was recovered in the world thanks to LoJack systems.

For more information on LoJack Canada, please visit the company website: 

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