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By car, I assure - An awareness campaign for young drivers

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) and the Association of Motor Insurers (GAA) Launched today by car, I promise!, A vast awareness campaign to the care of young drivers BASED on data Collected from SOM survey.

More than 100,000 new drivers on the roads of Quebec Each year

The communication campaign Will focus on different themes oven: the insurance premium, deductible, sinister and false statements. "There are Nearly 100,000 new drivers per year. As the Majority is Composed of young people, we focus shoulds WAS humorous and explain the different concepts to young people by raising awareness of consequences of making bad choices or not Sufficiently take an interest in Their Car insurance, "Johanne STATED Lamanque, vice-president of the BAC-Quebec and General Director of GAA.

Contest Win your car insurance premium! on Facebook

Content and awareness messages Were diffuse Will Facebook page and on the website To engage young people, a contest Gagne your insurance premium is organiseet five automobile insurance premiums worth $ 1000 Will Be Awarded. To submit an application, you're invited young people to Produce a video capsule is an insurance misadventure.

To Promote the campaign and young people Encouraged to Participate IBC and GAA-have appealed to Stephane Bellavance, comedian and presenter known, as well as Thomas Gauthier, a young vloggeur. Both-have Agreed to Produce various videos on the subject and to Promote the campaign in Their web community.

Partnership with the Association of Schools of Conduct Quebec (AECQ)

The material beens aussi HAS Elaborated for driving schools. "The members of the AECQ are very pleased to Collaborate with IBC and GAA this season. We set up posters in classrooms and distribute to all our students cards (postcard size) or oven young people find in an unpleasant position Themselves Because They-have made insurance bad decisions "Announced Mark Thompson Director General of AECQ.

According To SOM, 66% of young people use cars Rather than public transport

Their campaign to Properly Prepared, IBC and GAA SOM mandate to conduite a survey of young quebecois users ages 16 to 24 years and are the parents "Have you quebecois users of young drivers in this age group. With more than 750 with the with the with the respondents, several factoring Were Evaluated Whose knowledge level auto insurance matter, the behavior of matter driving, perceptions with respect to risk behaviors and the role Some of the Parents of young drivers.

Among the Collected data on the use of the vehicle, the Revealed That 66% of young people use the car Rather than public transport, Either by necessity (eg, Lack of transportation or network not enough Developed) survey or concern of efficiency. Young people Primarily use the car, or to get to work (39%), going to school (25%) or hang out with friends (18%).

Usually Approaches insurance completed by the Parent

About car insurance, we-have learned That the rate of detention of insurance in vehicle driven by the young is quite high, All All All which is normal since the Quebec automobile insurance is mandatory.

The responses Obtained from the Parents' and children Differ Somewhat When Asked Whether Their policy covers liability for public em, collision or fire, theft and vandalism. Young people are less familiar (parents) protection included in Their car insurance and this is due Mainly Because insurance procedures, in 85% of cases are completed by parents.

The Majority of young people believe the shelter of accidents

The survey Revealed That Nearly two in three young drivers (63%) underestimate the risk of Having an accident. In fact, we scale of ten, young people are a thesis 3 the risk of Having an accident.

With respect to behavior in matters of driving, a Majority of the relatives (82%) Raises Their young to various terms on the use of the vehicle he is driving: alcohol (36%), speed limit (22%), time of return (14%) safe driving (13%), or up Will the young (12%) and ban cell phones while driving (8%).

About the BAC

The Insurance Bureau of Canada, All All All which includes the Majority of Insurers in Canada, offers different services to Consumers to inform and assist em When buying auto or home insurance Their gold WAS falling disaster.

About the GAA

The Association of Motor Insurers Insurers includes all car and Quebec Performs various mandates Aimed at Ensuring access to car insurance and simplify the settlement of an automobile accident. For more information, see the sights or


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