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Boomerang Tracking and LoJack Corp.. have the system SPY

Boomerang Tracking and LoJack Corp.. have the new system of prevention of theft and recovery of stolen vehicles Spy

The solution multilevel is now endowed with a highly effective a radiofrequency technology and enables a direct link with the police

Boomerang Tracking Inc.., A leader in Canada in matters of vehicle tracking and stolen LoJack Corporation, the company that grace practice recovery vehicles stolen was born there 25 years ago, have today announced a new system that integrates the SPY improves highly effective radio frequency technology LoJack. SPY optimized by LoJack is a powerful and multidimensional protection solution against theft to be offered to vehicle owners quebecois commencing in June 2011.

The SPY system originally launched in 2006, combining prevention against the theft and recovery of vehicles and included a paired visual deterrent element has a tracking technology. The new self-sustaining system has the proven technology of radiofrequency LoJack and is supported by networks without specialized phone in Canada and the United States. SPY enables optimized by LoJack vehicle tracking even in places where criminals attempt to conceal usually stolen goods, or the shelter of locating signals in urban areas with skyscrapers, tunnels, garages, areas densely wooded and steel containers. The fact that the unit is self-powered SPY allows increased flexibility of installation, since it operates independently of the electric vehicle supply. However, if a thief tries to disable the electricity supply, the marking system will continue to function fully.

The range of products optimizes SPY by LoJack includes:

• SPY, designed for all vehicle owners, combines tried and true functions theft prevention, deterrence in addition to multiple tracking devices.

• SPY Alert offers the same functions as the SPY system, in addition to a system of flight notification that warns the owner of the vehicle by email, phone call or text message automates if the vehicle is moved without authorization.

• SPY Alert Plus includes the basic components of the system in SPY over multiple tracking devices and a personalized flight notification sent by the Central Security Boomerang to the owner if the vehicle is moved without authorization.

If a vehicle equips the system optimizes SPY by LoJack is flying, it can be spotted by the local police and the teams tracking Boomerang. The first police force to work directly with Boomerang is the Regie intermunicipal police Richelieu / Saint-Laurent, an agency that includes 17 municipalities of the Monteregie in Quebec. Boomerang is currently working to establish computers TRACKING evolues for other police forces in Quebec, in addition to providing training and support, and without any cost to the police.

"The technology offered Reperage Boomerang police services contributes greatly to the fight theft of vehicles. TRACKING computers installed in our patrol vehicles are not only easy to use and effective, but they also help us recover stolen vehicles and dismantle criminal networks, says Francois Bigras, director of the police board Richelieu / Saint Lawrence. Thanks to this technology, vehicle owners who live in the region of the Richelieu / Saint-Laurent, or who come to visit, will feel more security. "

The SPY system origin is a solution against theft with a PROVEN rate reduction of more than 50 vol% and a recovery rate of over 90% in Quebec. With radiofrequency technology, a direct link with the police services in Canada and the United States, and the alert feature automatic flight through electronics, the new range of products SPY offers increased protection and unprecedented.

Flight to five minutes

Theft of vehicles remains a serious problem in Canada, particularly in Quebec. In 2009, according to the most recent data from Statistics Canada, police forces across Canada have reported approximately 108,000 flights motorized vehicles, an average of 300 vehicles stolen per day. These data indicate a flight every five minutes and cost about a billion dollars per year for Canadian citizens. Even more alarming, the Insurance Bureau of Canada revealed that two stolen vehicles on three in the Montreal area are never recovered. This stems largely from the fact that the majority of vehicle thefts are carried out by professional thieves. A flight vehicle may trigger among victims a sense of loss, a high stress and significant derangements.

"Flights of vehicles is an expensive and disruptive issue, which cause loss of time and have an impact on their owners each day, says Michael Lendick, national director of security and police relations Reperage Boomerang. The system optimizes SPY by LoJack integrated a powerful combination of features prevention of theft and recovery of stolen vehicles. Combines a collaboration with the police, Boomerang offers the best recovery solution for vehicle owners. "

To learn more about Boomerang and the new system optimizes SPY by LoJack, visit the new Web site. In addition, a video on how the new system is the SPY YouTube channel Boomerang Reperage / boomerangtracking.

About Boomerang Tracking Inc..

Founded in 1995, Boomerang Tracking Inc.. has become a technological leader in tracking stolen property and offers a seamless solution to the growing concern that constitute the protection and recovery of stolen vehicles and other valuable assets in Canada. Boomerang has contributed to recover over 7,060 vehicles and other assets valued at approximately $ 350 million. The company and its recovery FORMED teams work closely with the local police, who help the police proceed to more than 500 arrests in the last five years. In 2004, Boomerang became a wholly owned subsidiary of LoJack Corporation (NASDAQ: LOJN), the company that grace the practice of recovery of stolen vehicles was born there more than two decades, and remains the leader world-leading arguably the tracking and recovery of mobile assets value in more than 30 countries. Tracking technology is used by insurance companies worldwide. Since 1986, the company has recovered over 300,000 stolen vehicles valued at approximately 4 billion dollars. LoJack and Boomerang are delighted to launch the new range of SPY products in Canada. All SPY products are based on LoJack technology and operate within the network of LoJack recovery.

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