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Volvo would assemble vehicles in America

The Swedish manufacturer is looking for a partner to return assemble vehicles in North America.

Recall that Volvo has already produced cars in Canada, Nova Scotia. First to Dartmouth in 1963, then Halifax from 1967. This plant was finally closed in 1998.

For a European manufacturer, its bagnoles come together in North America is a bargain, if one takes into account the value of the euro or the currency of different countries that have not acceded to the European Union.

This is the big boss, Stefan Jacoby himself, who alluded to in the context of an interview he gave to Bloomberg.

This last mentioned, among other things, that Fiat would be a good candidate for such a collaboration. Should this be, we would see the Mexican plant of Toluca or produced small Fiat 500 for the Americas, to be enlarged to make room for the assembly of Volvo and Fiat vehicles larger caliber.

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