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Ford Canada offers up to $ 3,000 for your Ride ...

Decidedly, the Bid is indeed part between different manufacturers, namely which will offer the most pennies for your beater, and in addition to the impressive presentation of the federal government $ 300 for your Ride.

This is Hyundai canada who got the ball rolling by offering rebates totaling between $ 500 and $ 1,000 for the return of your car experience 1995 or less, all being conditional to the purchase of a brand new vehicle. A week later, at most, it was the turn of Chrysler Canada offer similar discounts, except that they vary between $ 500 and $ 1,500.

Now, however, Ford of Canada enters the dance, the auction amount to a maximum of $ 3,000.

This program being rather complex, we invite you to read the attached communicates which explains very clearly the different types of discounts.



The Company combines a Clean Air Foundation to give Canadians another good reason to withdraw from circulation the old vehicles. 

OAKVILLE, ON, Sept. 2, 2009 -. Effective September 3, consumers who send their vehicles for 15 years (and more) to get recycling up to $ 3,000 for purchase of a new vehicle from Ford Canada Limited, as the company announced today. The development program has breakage Ford put on the Canadian government initiative RYR which offers $ 300 rebate and other benefits to eligible participants.

"Nobody offers better incentives to recycle your Ford vehicle," said David Mondragon has, President and CEO, Ford of Canada. "People who would otherwise be unable to buy a new car can now afford that there are more recent in matters of safety, fuel economy and the smart car technology. "

According consumption ratings Guide fuel Natural Resources Canada:

an average driver who moves from an intermediate type has a car 1995 Ford Fusion

2.5 L 2010 could save about $ 370 per year in fuel and

an average driver who spends an SUV 1995 Ford Escape type has a 2.5L FWD 2010 for his part could save about $ 940 per year in fuel.

According to the Clean Air Foundation, a car 1995 or older model emits on average 19 times more polluting emission-generating smog a car model 2004 or later. The Government RYR offering $ 300 passes transit, discounts on bicycles and other incentives to vehicle owners, 1995 and before sending their clunkers recycling.

All those who participate in this government program and who purchase a new Ford or Lincoln vehicle are entitled to the encouragement of the $ 1,000 Recycle Your vehicle of Ford buying a car or a new Ford truck, of $ 2,000 for the purchase of a crossover vehicle or a new Ford SUV and $ 3,000 for the purchase of a new truck or a new Ford Lincoln vehicle.

"Having Ford as our newest partner in terms of encouragement gives Canadians another great reward for choosing clean air and remove their old car traffic," stated Fatima Dharsee, senior director of the Clean Air Foundation, agent implementation? national PIECE for RYR. "Participants in the RYR will receive their rebate quickly, directly from Ford dealers. This simple and ultra easy process is another good reason that Canadians participate in RYR. "

In partnership with the Clean Air Foundation, Recycle Your vehicle Ford is also offered approximately 14,000 Canadians who have already withdrawn their vehicle traffic since the introduction of Ride Ride program in February. Participants RYR can simply bring their issued ID by the government in the Ford dealer of their locality and will confirm their eligibility for discounts of up to $ 3,000 for purchase of a new vehicle Ford or Lincoln.

Consumers have than done as follows:

If you own a vehicle from 1995 or older model in working condition which has been registered and insured in accordance with the rules for the last six months (12 months in BC), you just have to go to the Ford dealer closest to confirm your eligibility, in accordance with provisions of the governmental program RYR. Within two business days you will receive confirmation of your eligibility for incentives of up to $ 3,300.

Or, if you have already removed your vehicle traffic in the framework of the Clean Air Foundation and the Retire Your Ride program, you will automatically become eligible for the incentives Recycle Your vehicle Ford.

Go to the most near you Ford dealer and have the discount and benefit from your Recycle your vehicle, in addition to other incentives in effect purchase or lease your new Ford or Lincoln vehicle.

"This economic stimulus puts more disposable income in the hands of hard-working Canadians who need help in these times. It is a win-win situation for the consumer, the economy and the environment, "stated David Mondragon.

The details of the program will be available on the website commencing on September 3, 2009.

Ford Canada offers up to $ 3,000 for your Ride ... picture #1

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