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Citroen: FACEBOOK ® and if had existed since the creation of the brand?

If FACEBOOK ® was there in 1919, Andre Citroen, a man of outstanding communication, would have been, no doubt, an avid fan. Ninety-three years after, CITROEN advantage of the very latest Evolution FACEBOOK ®, Timeline, to live has its fans, as if they had been, the highlights of the brand. Thus, today, they can go back in time on official CITROEN pages and discover a novel way the keys dates in the history of the brand.

With the new feature, Timeline, FACEBOOK ® takes a new step. Of the home page, fans of a brand have the opportunity to browse grace story has a time axis that extends from the date of its creation until the last message post.

In this context, CITROEN take this opportunity to share with his 1.5 million fans worldwide, many news related to great moments in its history. Indeed, through a timeline which debuted in 1919, year of establishment of the brand-until today, they can live or relive nearly two hundred events. Of all kinds of news, product, technology, sports, advertising or event. Drafted in the present and in English, of very short way and illustrees videos and / or photos, they are the Timeline CITROEN.

Citroen: FACEBOOK ® and if had existed since the creation of the brand? picture #1

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