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Volkswagen 1st worldwide manufacturer

In July, we told you about Toyota would lose its status as the first manufacturer in the world in 2011, in favor of General Motors, Volkswagen and would sneak in between.

However, the new trend seems rather announce that the German giant now has all the ingredients to become the number one global-facing General Motors and Toyota should finish the year in 3rd place.

These conclusions issued by three specialists interviewed by the agency Bloomberg.


Volkswagen is currently the largest manufacturer who benefits most from the new emerging markets such as those involving the BRIC Brazil, Russia, India and especially China.

Only in China, Volkswagen announced sales increases of over 20% if we take into account that in 2010, it has sold more than 18 million vehicles in China, it is not surprising advance of the German giant.

This would mean that this year only on the Chinese market, Volkswagen could see sales approaching 2.5 million units.

India is also a very fertile soil a Volkswagen. Brazil is already acquired it and Russia is a rapidly changing market has develop.

Currently in America, the all-new Volkswagen Jetta is selling like hot cakes and lil manufacturer founded great hopes on the new Passat Assembly to the United States.

Seven years earlier

Funny situation for leaders who gave Volkswagen until 2018 to become the world number one.

Personally, I thought this would be laudable goal reached in 2005.

Who has already said that the misfortune of one could make others happy ...

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