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Technically bankrupt Saab

After an agony that will close period of two years, which began with the purchase of the Swedish brand by Dutch manufacturer Spyker and his associates, now the court will formalize Vanesborg bankruptcy of the three main companies of the group:

Saab Automobile Aktiebolag

Saab Automobile Tools AB

Saab Automobile Powertrain

The documents were presented to the court by the current owner of Saab, the Dutch company Swedish Automobile, also known as abbreviations (SWAN).

The general director of SWAN, Victor Muller, who were soon to withdraw from the direction of the company, said that this decision is ultimately good, given the circumstances.

GM signed his death warrant

In the end, this is General Motors which has had the "skin" of the constructor's determination and especially his opposition to see the patent technological character, pass into the hands of Chinese companies. Always talking about patents owned by GM, which affect models 9-3, 9-5 and 9-4x currently offered by Saab.

Recall that it was the American manufacturer that sold in 2010, Saab Spyker.


All agree that the court Vanesborg will endorse this application for bankruptcy from Swedish Automobile fairly quickly.

Thereafter, the court will appoint a liquidator who should come into position at the beginning of 2012.

Technically bankrupt Saab picture #1

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