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Price of gasoline Quebec - A unacceptable!

Since the after noon on Tuesday, 29 January, for a period of 58 days, the price at the pump in the large area of ​​Quebec does not fluctuate a cent. A situation often denounced by CAA-Quebec, as the winners of such stability at the pump are usually not motorists, but rather the retailers.

Evidence supporting

Since March 6, they have levied an average margin Retail 8.4 cents on every liter of gasoline sold. For the day yesterday, for example, motorists had to deal with a margin of 9.9 cents per liter purchased. Today, this line is a 9.4 cents per liter.


In addition to maintaining an average margin detail too high for at least two weeks, the industry has not adjusted its prices according to market fluctuations in nearly two months, which therefore prevents motorists enjoy a closer indicators of market prices. "With the price of gasoline leaving the refinery will be lower tomorrow than today, CAA-Quebec stresses that retailers will reap a margin detail more than 10 cents / liter if they fit not their prices quickly. Moreover, many displacements are planned for the long Easter weekend, "says Sophie Gagnon, assistant vice-president for public and government relations for CAA-Quebec.

When we compare ourselves ... we sorry!

Quebec then that the average margin was 8.4 cents / liter between 6 and 27 March, Montreal it was 6.2 cents / liter. In the Centre-du-Quebec, or much lower margins were recorded throughout the last year, the average was below 2 cents / liter between January 28 and March 11, according to data published by the Regie de l'energie. A difference of more than 6 cents / liter with the region of Quebec, which nevertheless represents the second largest market in the province! Note that the average margin provincial scale was established to 6.3 cents / liter between January 28 and March 11.

A Listening to the s.v.p. consumers!

CAA-Quebec has asked the industry to review these pricing practices to more accurately reflect market fluctuations. The situation of the vast area of ​​Quebec, but also other areas, clearly demonstrates that improvements are needed in the matter and that, unfortunately, it is the consumers who are paying the price. They are also invited to visit the Info tool Essence to get a better picture of the situation in their respective area and better plan their gasoline purchases.

CAA-Quebec, an organization non-profit founded in 1904, offers its 1,210,000 members services and privileges in the fields of automotive, travel, residential and financial services.

Source: CAA-Quebec

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