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CAA-Quebec presented its report in 2012 on gasoline prices

Daily observations of CAA-Quebec on gasoline prices confirm the price displayed at the pump, the sampled margin detail and crude oil prices have all been higher in 2012 than in 2011 and as if. this was not enough, in the greater Montreal, many hikes before weekends and approaching congestion not were justified.

Retail margins has increased

In Quebec, a liter of gasoline sold on average 5% higher in 2012 than in 2011. In the Montreal area, the average price of a liter of gasoline is high was 137.3 cents while he has established a 134.7 cents in the region of Quebec and 135.6 cents in Sherbrooke. And if the retail margin has increased to a lesser extent in Montreal and Quebec, the situation was otherwise in Sherbrooke, or there is a strong increase of 19% margin compared to 2011 in detail. From 5 7 cents for every liter of gasoline sold in 2011, the margin for detail Sherbrooke has established a 6.8 cents / liter in 2012. A Montreal, the variation of 2% of the margin has allowed retailers to reap average gross profits of 5.9 cents per liter of gasoline, then that Quebec it is rather an increase of 7%, which translates into a margin Retail 6.4 cents / liter. The provincial average margin is a 5.6 cents / liter.

A scorned economic law

"The increase in the margin to detail is certainly not good news for motorists, especially when it comes to important steps or sales volume is high. Again, the industry should explain why, in sparsely populated municipalities, service points may simply Retail margins much smaller than in larger centers, although they are fewer and sell much less essence. This is particularly the case Victoriaville and Princeville in the Centre-du-Quebec (or margin is 3.2 cents / liter), Lachute in the Laurentians (3.5 cents / liter) and Saint-Lin in Lanaudière (3.8 cents / liter). And during this time, the margin remains almost twice as high at Quebec and Montreal, a situation incompatible with the concept of supply and demand, "says Sophie Gagnon, assistant vice-president for public and government relations CAA -Quebec.

Of congestion ... beneficial for the industry!

Three steps closer analysis, that of the metropolis especially deserves some attention regarding increases occurred on Friday and the eve of congestion. In fact, 12 there are price increases at the pump Friday in Montreal, Quebec has one against and two in Sherbrooke. And of these 12 increases eight PROVE unjustified. In addition, at the dawn of the eight long years of congestion, five increases took place in Montreal. And five increases, three did not find justification when one considers the movement of the market indicators and margins CHARGED detail previously, while Quebec and Sherbrooke have no "anomalies" of the sort. "It is very disturbing to see so many unjustified increases," says Gagnon. "When motorists take advantage of the weekend to get away and visit friends and relatives, the industry ensures that maximize profit for every liter of gasoline sold by imposing increases without cause. And what about not justified increases the eve of congestion ... "is she sorry.

Misleading stability

However, over a period of 49 consecutive business days, the price at the pump has Sherbrooke did not move! Thus, from January 12 to March 20, a liter of gasoline sold 134.4 cents / liter, and the sampled detail margin has ranged from 8.4 cents / liter and 2 cents / liter. Stability is very misleading to motorists because petroleum indicators are constantly changing, and it should go the same price displayed at the pump for consumers to have access to a realistic price that reflects the real indicators. Do not adjust the price at the pump when the context is equivalent justifies also has advantage of consumers. However, a Sherbrooke, there were at least three other periods of stability at least 21 working days in 2012. A Quebec, there four episodes of stability, two of 22 consecutive days. This situation has not been observed in Montreal.

More bad news: the tax rate

Montreal is once again the city or the tax rate of the average price of a liter of regular gasoline is the highest among the most populous cities of the provinces and territories of Canada; this rate is 36% in the Quebec metropolis, while the average rate is 31% in Canada. Recall that on April 1, 2013, the provincial fuel tax increase of one cent / liter for the fourth consecutive year.

Price trend in 2013

The American Automobile Association (AAA) reports that in 2012, with a national average of U.S. $ 3.60 a gallon - or the equivalent of 95 cents / liter in Canada - gasoline has never been so expensive in the United States. That said, while gasoline prices are particularly high in recent years, analysts do not provide for AAA significant increase for the current year, even as lower prices in 2012 could be observed . Lower demand and increased domestic production of oil from the United States are the two main elements responsible for some stability in prices has come, even a slight decrease expected.

Several other interest statistics on balance of gas in 2012 are available on

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