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Auto Guide 2012 already topped charts Sales

Just auto 2012 was hoisted one week after his arrival on the market, The Guide at the top of the best sellers in palmares Archambault. Its closest competitor, the 2012 Annual Automotive occupies the 7th of palmares while Auto 2012 is not present in the top 40.

The Car Guide 2012 is also found in top of the list of bestsellers site Gaspard, information and analysis on the sales of books in french Canada system. The Annual Automotive Auto 2012 and 2012 are respectively the second and fourth rank of palmares.

For 46 years now, The Car Guide is the best reference on the automotive world in Quebec. As always, the team of specialists gives the right time, the most reliable way and most complete, consumers and car enthusiasts to illuminate the choice of those who wish to purchase a vehicle or helping has bitten their knowledge of this fascinating world.

In addition to the new models will be available in Quebec, the 2012 edition will present content that has made his fame:

• the best buys of the year in each of the categories;

• comparative games that allow the prospective buyer to make an informed decision;

• the most significant prototypes;

• large files;

• a multimedia website with updates, video clips and supplementary data;

• all models of cars, SUVs and vans of 2012 cuvee scrutinized;

• an assessment of the ecological impact;

• a categorization according to user needs.

Denis Duquet, Gabriel Gelinas, Alain Morin, Sylvain Raymond, Nadine Filion and Marc Lachapelle are automotive journalists whose professional rigor has been recognized for a long time.

This stunning debut of the 46th edition of the Guide de l'auto suggests a one year record for this book which has always been the preferred of automotive enthusiasts and consumers in general.

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