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Audi A1: Deja 100,000 units produced

After having invested over € 300 million in the conversion of its Brussels plant to add production of the small A1, now the famous manufacturer Audi already leaving the assembly line of the 100 000th Audi A1.

It is a white car and signed by all those who have contributed to its production, except for robots.

To mark the event, King Albert II of Belgium joined the festivities surrounding this happy event.

Recall that the small car is in production for only one year.

The arrival of this model on the assembly lines of this ultra modern factory has allowed 200 people to find a job. In total, more than 2,400 workers who earn an honest living.

And it's not over, far from it, since during the next year, will be added the production of five-door Sportback version of the Audi A1 small.

The public can visit the production plant, an incursion of more than two hours.

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