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New registration tax for residents of the island of Montreal: unfair and without vision, according to CAA-Quebec

While the City of Montreal is preparing to levy an additional tax of $ 45 on the registration to fund transit, CAA-Quebec reiterated its disagreement with this measure, calling it unfair and without vision.

"This new tax is unfair and incoherent, mainly because motorists of the island of Montreal are penalized even if they already use public transit. Also, do not forget the fact that they already take them to finance it, particularly with the special gas tax by 3 cents per liter already in force in the Montreal area, "says Sophie Gagnon, assistant vice-president for public and government relations at CAA-Quebec.

Motorists in the agglomeration of Montreal so it will undergo 1 July up 33% of their annual bill for registration fees. These, which include already a $ 30 transit and spend $ 135 to $ 180. To this amount is added the insurance contribution of $ 124 and costs $ 4 for a total annual registration bill of $ 308.

Precedents disturbing

"To see the power of additional taxation, originally conferred to the City of Montreal alone, and extended so that it can collect the $ 45 from motorists of the whole agglomeration of Montreal, is a worrying precedent. The appeal of the registration of vehicles as a mode of perception of this new tax bill also created a precedent which is akin to a municipal foray into an area of ​​provincial jurisdiction strictly said Ms. Gagnon. In addition, the risk of other agglomerations max out their motorists to tax also is real, because the needs in transit are not just crying in Montreal, but in all cities served by this type of transport. "

Another intervention the room ...

CAA-Quebec, there is in the present circumstances an obvious lack of overall vision. "Sample and from motorists amounts more varied and numerous for multiple purposes is downright longer an acceptable solution to the problems of financing public transport. The situation has become alarming for motorists, denounced Ms. Gagnon. We do not feel that there is an overall vision and a real prioritization of actions has to ask to improve transit. The difficulties experienced by projects such as the renewal of Montreal subway cars and fast system bus on Pie-IX can leave an image of disorganization in the minds of citizens. CAA-Quebec raises the question: are there not too many decision-makers? "

And ... a bad time

For now, the bills continue to pile up for motorists, while many of them simply can not be without their vehicle. No effective new option is offered them. In addition, few tangible and immediate solutions exist to relieve road traffic. This is precisely the case during rush hour, while the number of major projects in Montreal explodes and alternatives, which should have been already provided for, are not at the rendezvous.

When will a global vision?

"We know that the financial needs to deliver a level road network and to improve public transport are enormous. By cons, public transit, which everyone benefited, should be funded by the community, without systematically targeting motorists, said Ms. Gagnon. It is time to rethink not only the financing of public transport, but also to the general mobility of Quebecois. Until then, any solution to the room as it does not hold up. "

CAA-Quebec, an organization non-profit founded in 1904, it offers its 1.1 million members services and privileges in the fields of automotive, travel, residential and financial services.

New registration tax for residents of the island of Montreal: unfair and without vision, according to CAA-Quebec picture #1

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