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Boomerang Announces palmares success stories of sightings of stolen vehicles

Proven solution Boomerang helps police recover a vehicle and putting criminals behind bars

Boomerang Tracking, Canada's leader in stolen vehicle tracking today unveiled his stories the most amazing success for the year 2010 matter of sightings of trucks, heavy equipment and motor vehicles equipped with a Boomerang device. Locate an RV in an airplane hangar, allow law enforcement to stop a suspect who stole a car with a false identity and a stolen credit card and help a client recover his car after a thief had rob his house and steals the keys of the vehicle; these stories clearly show that Reperage Boomerang today continues to be the most effective for the recovery of stolen vehicles system.

You will find below a selection of the most etonnants 2010 REPERAGES:

A car with 140 000 km volee three times - The owner of a 2003 Mazda Protege has twice suffered the theft of his car while it was protected by any anti-theft system. Needless to say he made the right choice in deciding to protect it with a Boomerang tracking device since it was stolen again shortly after, when she was over 140 000 km of records has his counter. Boomerang was able to recover quickly and return it to its owner who was pleased to find it for a third time, but this time without any worry.

7 000th flying vehicle then found that its owner was camping in the woods - As the owner of a 1998 Acura Integra, one of the most stolen cars according to the BAC, camped in Ontario, it was a 5.30am wake by Central Security Boomerang after that last had received an alarm from the opinion of automatic flight Boomerang device. Following a flight confirmation by the client, the Boomerang tracking team has found the vehicle in Montreal in less than an hour, without damage and notify the local police who then proceeded to the arrest of four suspects.

A season caravanning saved by Boomerang - The owner of a recreational vehicle Allegro Bay 2010 has assessed $ 150,000 was very happy to find that his vehicle had been flying at the dealership or repair he did. The thief was between break and was seized cles RV. A tracking team was deployed and the perceived signal tracking device that came from an airplane hangar located 50 km from the place where the vehicle had been stolen. Local police then presented on the premises with a search warrant to retrieve the RV.

A thief pretends to be an honest customer - The owner of a rental company stated the theft of a 2010 Cadillac CTS that was rented his branch of the Ottawa airport with false identity papers and a stolen credit card. Cadillac has quickly been localized in Montreal and thieves could be intercepted on the highway. Three arrests were made at the scene and the vehicle was then returned to the leasing company.

Of residential burglars behind bars - A client contacted Boomerang will be realized after a thief had rob his house and was captured cles of his Land Rover 2010 to escape faster. It is thanks to the wonderful work of the Boomerang tracking team and local police that the Land Rover was found at Toronto quickly and without any damage.

A thief "rents" a vehicle pointing a gun at the driver - The owner of a rental company vehicles has contacted Boomerang to declare the theft of his 2010 GMC Yukon XL after the robber has a gun to tip the driver and to be seized the vehicle in the middle of a street in the region of British Columbia. The recovery team has found the vehicle in a parking lot inside. It goes without saying that the owner was very happy to find his vehicle and hearing that his client was unharmed.

Two scout locations for the price of one - a 2009 Toyota RAV4 BEEN REVOKED volee parking the university or its owner was in the process of study. The Boomerang tracking team not only quickly found the vehicle in a parking lot near the scene of the robbery, but she is also a 2009 Toyota Venza volee and equipped with a popular anti-theft marking. It goes without saying that both owners were very pleased that Boomerang has found their vehicles.

Thieves stop at a Motel and end up in jail - A Sterling LT9500 2003 was reported flying parking the client's business. A Boomerang tracking team had been deployed and were quickly locates the truck in the parking lot of a motel at the same time that the thief escaped again with the truck followed accomplices that were taking place aboard two other vehicles. The three vehicles were stopped by local police who arrested the thief and his accomplices.

A vehicle found quickly thanks to the best solution - Notice of automatic flight Boomerang device installed in a 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser has enabled its owner to quickly find the vehicle that had been flying in the parking lot of his residence. Although the vehicle was also another crew prevention system against theft, it is thanks to the wonderful work of the Boomerang tracking team and local police that the vehicle was quickly found less than 10 km from the residence of the customer.

Heavy equipment found on a truck Flies - The owner of a 2006 Komatsu contact the Central Security Boomerang after having realized that his piece of equipment had been volee a construction site. A tracking team then perceived the signal tracking device that came from the yard of a private company and there discovered the Komatsu truck that had also been stolen. A detection which has a total value of over $ 100,000.

"These stories show us that Reperage Boomerang is the Canadian leader in tracking stolen property," stated Michael Lendick, National Director of the security and police relations at Boomerang. "Every time, our system keeps its promise to help police locate and recover a stolen vehicles has apprehend professional thieves and put them behind bars and; in the best delays. Thieves are very persistent and constantly use new methods to steal vehicles. That is why it is essential that consumers play a proactive role by protecting their property themselves. We believe that the higher the owner of a vehicle used layers of protection, the vehicle will be more security. "

Since its inception in 1995, Boomerang Tracking repere more than 7,030 vehicles, representing a value of more than $ 345 million, including incidental retrieval. It also permits the police to proceed to more than 500 arrests in the last five years.

Free tools to learn more

To educate the population about the theft of vehicles, Reperage Boomerang publishes guide protection against theft of vehicles on the trail. It includes an overview of the status of stolen vehicles in Canada and the four means of prevention against theft. An electronic version, and links to our YouTube channel and our Twitter page is available on the Knowledge Center on the Boomerang / knowledge.

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