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Some interesting stories about sightings of stolen vehicles

Proven solution Boomerang helps police recover a vehicle and putting criminals behind bars

Boomerang Tracking, Canada's leader in stolen vehicle tracking, today unveiled his stories the most amazing success tracking trucks, heavy equipment and vehicles equipped with a Boomerang device. These stories demonstrate not only that the theft of vehicles is a constant scourge having a negative impact on society, but also the important role played Reperage Boomerang helping police apprehend a professional thieves of vehicles has dismantle the networks criminals and put them behind bars.

You will find below a selection of the most etonnants REPERAGES:

September; not a lucky number - In Toronto, the driver of a semi-trailer truck was attacked by a gang of thieves professional goods seized his truck plus its rated cargo $ 2 million. Boomerang has enabled law enforcement to recover the trailer and all the stolen goods and the truck in the space of a day. Seven members of the gang of thieves goods were arrested.

A farm that produces more than milk - A tractor John Deere 310 SJ 2007 who was stolen from a construction site in St-Bruno, was quickly locates Boomerang in a private firm. Local police then arrived on the scene with a search warrant to recover the equipment and there is not only John Deere flies but also three other construction equipment including a Mack truck and two asphalt pavers with a total value of nearly of $ 360,000.

A customer recovered his vehicle ... for the 3rd time - A 2005 Dodge Neon was reported stolen from the street in front of the residence of its owner located in Montreal. The Notice of automatic flight Boomerang device installed in the vehicle has quickly find the Neon in the parking lot of a condominium. It was the third time that this vehicle was done flying - and find - what watch how thieves can be persistent.

A scary withdrawal can "deposit" thieves in jail - A woman withdrawing money from an ATM when two criminals him point a gun at her. It did not have the choice to give them her purse and the keys to his Acura MDX 2008. Boomerang tracking team helps law enforcement has quickly recover the car and put opportunist thieves behind bars.

The occupants of the vehicle find yourself - A client contacts the Central Security Boomerang immediately after getting overview theft of his 2008 Honda CRV The latter was arrested in located in Montreal gas station to go. find a cafe. He had not only left the keys in the vehicle but also his two dogs. Thanks to Team Boomerang Tracking and police, the vehicle was found 5 km from the station with a board two dogs safely.

"These stories show us that Reperage Boomerang is the Canadian leader in tracking stolen property," stated Michael Lendick Director of Security at Boomerang. "Each time, our system keeps its promise to help the forces of order to find and recover stolen vehicles and; in the best delays. Since its inception in 1995, Boomerang Tracking repere over 6,800 vehicles representing a value of over $ 339 million, including incidental retrieval.

Learn how to protect your vehicle well

To inform people about how to properly protect their vehicles against theft, Boomerang Tracking has published the guide protection against theft of vehicles called the footsteps. It provides an overview of the state theft of vehicles in Canada and the four means of prevention against theft. A free electronic version is available on the / knowledge.

Profile Reperage Boomerang inc.

Founded in 1995, Boomerang Tracking Inc.. has quickly become a technological leader in tracking stolen property. The company offers a solution to the growing anxiety on the protection and the recovery of vehicles and other property value stolen in Canada. Because of its impressive record of successes in this area, Boomerang has received support from the insurance industry. The devices are offered and installed by a network of authorized dealers in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. The registered office of the company, its research and development and manufacturing facilities are located in Montreal, in Quebec. The company also owns a regional center in Mississauga, Ontario. In 2004, Boomerang became a wholly owned subsidiary of LoJack Corporation (NASDAQ: LOJN), the company that invented, there are two decades, devices stolen vehicle tracking and remains the undisputed global leader in tracking and the recovery of stolen property. Today, Boomerang Tracking markets has both tracking devices LoJack brand and branded ones Boomerang for Canada. LoJack is a registered trademark of LoJack Corporation and is used by Boomerang Tracking under license. Learn more about

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