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Toyota adjusts its North American Production

Toyota adjusts its production in North America due to the availability of parts as a result of the earthquake that shook Japan on March 11.

            Over the next few weeks, the Toyota vehicle assembly plants in North America to work on a schedule reduced, and production will be suspended on 15, 18, 21 *, 22 ** and 25 April. Most North-American plants engines and components will follow the same schedule. Future production plans will be determined at a later date.

            During the days or there will be no production, the company will maintain the use of its approximately 25,000 regular crew members in North America. The crew members will not need to work may be present at work for training or participate in the activities of improvement of facilities, or they can take a vacation or a leave of absence without pay.

            On average, about 85 percent of the parts and materials used for the 12 Toyota and Lexus models built in North America come from 500 suppliers charged on the continent. Although the production of certain documents and certain materials continues in Japan, Toyota is working closely with key suppliers to reduce the minimum disturbance.

            The situation in Japan affects many vehicle manufacturers and many other industries. Extraordinary efforts are currently being made to help suppliers to get on their feet. Toyota slows its activities to keep the rooms while keeping the production as much as possible, and appreciate the flexibility of its team members, suppliers and dealers as we move through this situation.

* The factory in Georgetown, Kentucky, will build vehicles on April 21.

The ** Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada will be closed Friday, April 22.

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