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In direct contact with Subaru dealerships

Subaru customers make appointments with their mobile devices

Subaru Canada, Inc. (SCI) today announced the introduction of a new form of integration to the mobile version of the websites of its dealers. Indeed, Subaru dealers who use the system Aristo PBS Systems Inc. and more integrated multimedia are gaining a windfall last week when Subaru has launched a feature for mobile websites of its dealers, which allows customers to set appointments maintenance directly in the service module.

Subaru has long offered a function of making appointments on the website of its dealers, but like many other manufacturers, this function was dependent on efforts within it devoted the dealer and the availability of resources at the dealership day and the scheduled time of the appointment. With this new form of integration, customers have the opportunity to view the calendar and place their request appointment only in the available time slots that suit them.

"Since the launch of mobile versions of and our dealers 85 sites, web traffic has more than doubled," says George Hamin, director of e-commerce and IT systems. "Therefore, we are investing in the development of mobile applications. "

More than a simplified version of the mobile version of the site fully exploits the inherent benefits of mobile devices in addition to take advantage of features like integrated GPS to locate dealers or stocks used vehicles.

"Users still have the opportunity to enter their zip code they are looking for a dealer or a vehicle in another region, but mainly, we rely on location-based services to locate the dealer or the vehicle nearest the place or is the customer now, "says George Hamin.

Subaru plans to work with other providers to offer a similar DMS integration.

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