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You may now return to your in-season tires, but ...

Since 2008, the road safety code requires us to use winter tires for the period from 15 December to 15 March. This means that we can now make the installation of our season tires.

However, although the spring is at our doors we can not ignore that bursts a winter drags are still to come and it would be very dangerous to rush right now to move to all-season tires.

According to the regions

Even in highly urbanized areas, it would be good to wait a good two weeks to make this change while in the more remote regions, northern and mountainous, it would be wise to wait another month.

Depending on the types of tires

If you are owner of a sports car that requires the installation of larger tires and a low profile, it is quiet and ensures that winter is well and truly behind us.

Finally, in order not to over use winter tires, we must not unduly delay to move to change tires. Remember that it is not very economical, even relatively dangerous to use winter tires during the year ...

You may now return to your in-season tires, but ... picture #1

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