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Tests CAA-Quebec: winter tires in summer - Danger!

With the return of the warm season, CAA-Quebec wishes to put warning drivers about the risks piecing has the use of winter tires during the hottest months of the summer, that is to say, June to August: they could jeopardize their safety and that of other road users.

This is proof!

"Tests conducted by CAA-Quebec last summer show beyond any doubt that all-season tires are warm weather, safer than winter tires," says Sophie Gagnon, Senior Director, Public and Government Relations CAA-Quebec. "Tests have shown that stopping distances in an emergency could increase by as much as 30% with winter tires. Moreover, to succeed successfully maneuvers memes avoidance than those achieved with all-season tires, it took considerably reduce the speed of the car, the latter being less stable with winter tires. "

An economic question?

CAA-Quebec is concerned that the introduction last fall, new rules making the use of winter tires mandatory leads to an increased number of tents motorists keep their winter tires this summer for the sake of economy. Yet Keeping its winter tires in summer can cause a superior fuel consumption and there is no doubt that this type of rubber wears faster during the hot season, thereby reducing the anticipated savings.

Assessment and awareness

CAA-Quebec believes that evaluation of the new regulations is essential and finally press the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec to develop awareness in order to reduce to a minimum the risks posed by the use of unsuitable tires according the road conditions of each season. You can see the summary of CAA-Quebec MADE looking car section = en tests.

CAA-Quebec, nonprofit organization founded in 1904, provides a one million service members and privileges in the fields of automotive, travel, residential and financial services.

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