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Winter tires, the obligation ended on March 15, but ...

This year, and since 15 December last, we were all forced to bring our car winter tires, a settlement that ended March 15 at midnight. Thus, we can now go back to our all-season tires, so you can enjoy, among other things, a fuel economy slightly raised.

 But beyond deadlines, there are still places on the ground or use of winter tires and it still remains essential for several weeks. Me all that remains near Montreal, or snow has almost completely disappeared from our roads, ca gives me really want to go to my four seasons, without obvious risk.

However, it is quite different to my good friend Henry who lives in Ste-Brigitte-de-Laval on his side has any interest to keep their winter tires, even for a few weeks.

From the side of CAA Quebec, there it is all the same too soon to change its tires, although in our beautiful corner of Quebec and we remain, snow is almost or completely disappeared. In other words, why not give a lil game a good fortnight before moving to all-season tires.

Recall also that it is possible that next year, the mandatory use of winter tires could started a month earlier and end one month later. From November 15, 2009 to April 15, 2010.

Winter tires, the obligation ended on March 15, but ... picture #1

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