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Global Toyota hybrid sales exceed three million units

Due to the rising price of fuel, the launch of the new 2011 Lexus CT 200h and the imminent launch of the Toyota Prius family of vehicles, the interest for hybrid vehicles Toyota and Lexus was up, and it just when worldwide sales of Toyota hybrids exceed a significant bearing.


Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced today that global cumulative sales of its hybrid vehicles have exceeded the three million mark, with over 3.03 million units 1 had been sold worldwide in 28 February 2011. ( 52 995 hybrids sold in Canada.)

In August 1997, TMC was singing in Japan Coaster Hybrid EV the model. Then in December of the same year, it was the turn of the Prius, the first hybrid vehicle produced in large series in the world to be launched. In 2000, the Prius has been on sale in North America, Europe and elsewhere. In 2003, the second generation Prius arrived on the market and extended the use of TMC's hybrid system has minivans, has SUV has rear drive sedans and hatchback cars has. The third-generation Prius has arrived on the market in May 2009, and the global cumulative sales of hybrid vehicles have TMC exceeded the two million mark by the end of August of the same year (42,289 of them sold in the Canada).

This year, TMC has expand its range of hybrid vehicles by launching in January the Lexus CT 200h, the first dedicated hybrid model in the compact segment luxury continues. TMC currently sells 16 hybrid models in approximately 80 countries and regions of the world, including three models of commercial vehicles in Japan. It is expected that TMC will launch 10 new hybrid models by the end of 2012, including six all-new models and four redesigned models. TMC is determined to further enlarge its range of hybrid models and increase the number of countries and regions in which they are sold.

According to calculations by TMC, between 1997 and 28 February 2011, the hybrid vehicles of TMC2 allowed the issuance of approximately 18 million tonnes3 CO2 (gas regarded as one of the causes of climate change) less than that 'have issued gasoline vehicles of similar size and power.

After establishing the answer to environmental problems as a priority management and have determined that the eco-friendly vehicles can help to solve environmental problems only if they are widely used, TMC has undertaken to extend the use of hybrid vehicles. Because the global cumulative sales of its hybrid vehicles have exceeded the three million mark, TMC believes that hybrid vehicles are starting to become objects of mass consumption.

TMC intends to continue to devote himself (in a diversity of orientations) to the development and popularization of other eco-friendly vehicles that will be added to hybrid vehicles petrol and electricity. Having positioned hybrid technologies as key elements of the development of various types of eco-friendly vehicles, TMC plans to continue working to improve the functionality, reduce costs and extend its range of products in order to create popular vehicles to consumers .


Chronology of hybrid vehicles TMC:

Year Month Step

1997 March Unveiling of Toyota hybrid system (THS)

               August Launch Coaster Hybrid EV (Japan only)

               Dec. Launch of Prius

July 2000 Launch of the Prius in Canada

               Nov. Cumulative Prius sales EXCEED 50,000 vehicles

June 2001 Launch of the Estima Hybrid (Japan only)

               August Launch of the Crown Mild Hybrid (Japan only)

2002 March The cumulative sales of hybrid vehicles EXCEED 100,000

               August Cumulative Prius sales EXCEED 100,000 vehicles

April 2003 Unveiling the system THS-II (Toyota Hybrid System II)

               July Launch of the Alphard Hybrid (Japan only)

               September Launch of the second generation Prius

               Launching Nov. Dyna Hybrid and Toyoace Hybrid (Japan only)

2005 March Launch Harrier Hybrid (RX 400h outside of Japan) and Kluger Hybrid (Highlander Hybrid)

               Oct. cumulative sales of hybrid vehicles EXCEED 500,000

               Dec. Debut production of the Prius Changchun plant in China

2006 March Launch of the GS 450h in Japan

               April Cumulative Prius sales EXCEED 500,000 vehicles

               May Launch Camry Hybrid (on sale outside Japan)

               June Launch of Redesigned Estima Hybrid (Japan only)

               Oct. Debut production of the Camry Hybrid has the TMMK plant in Kentucky; Quick Delivery 200 launched (Japan only)

2007 May Cumulative sales of hybrids exceed the 1 million mark; launch LS 600hL 600h/LS; more than 10,000 in Canada only

2008 February Unveiling of the Crown Hybrid (launched in April, Japan only)

               May Cumulative Prius sales more than 1 million vehicles

2009 January Unveiling the RX 450h (starts in April)

               May Launch of the third-generation Prius

               July Debut production of the Camry Hybrid Gateway TMT plant in Thailand; launch of the HS 250h

               August YTD sales of hybrid vehicles exceed the mark of 2 million; 42,289 hybrid vehicles sold in Canada only

               Oct. Unveiling of Sai (launched in December, Japan only)

               Dec. Debut production of the Camry Hybrid has the Altona plant in Australia TMCA

April 2010 Start of production of the Camry Hybrid Factory in China JWGC

               June Debut production of the Auris Hybrid has TMUK Burnaston factory in the UK; launch of the Auris Hybrid (by sale outside Japan)

               July of hybrids cumulative sales of TMC in Japan than 1 million units

               September Cumulative Prius sales than 2 million vehicles

               Nov. Debut production of the Prius has the Gateway plant in Thailand TMT

2011 January Annual sales of new Prius in Japan in 2010 were of 315,669 units, the highest number of all time; unveiling of the CT 200h

               February Cumulative sales of hybrid vehicles exceed the 3 million mark; 52,995 hybrid vehicles sold in Canada only

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