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Toyota Canada has sold more than 4 million vehicles across the country

Toyota customers have traveled more than a million times the round-trip distance between the Earth and the moon stealing four million vehicles including Toyota Canada today celebrated the sale

To celebrate the four million Toyota vehicles sold in Canada, we think it would be interesting to put in figures the term representative Toyota's growth since we established the first "For Sale" on a windshield mid-1960s.

Our success is largely due to the support and the loyalty of our customers, the ones who in 46 years have literally been able to go back and forth between Earth and the moon over a million times driving their Toyota.

Here are some facts and figures that put into perspective the success of Toyota since its beginnings in the Canadian market.

1 More than 1 million. Was the number of round trips to the moon that Canadians could have made in their vehicles manufactured by Toyota. Since our first sale of a vehicle in the mid-1960s, Canadian customers have come 783,144,824,052 kilometers to drive their Toyota (calculated from statistics on the average annual mileage). Since a return trip to the moon is on average 768 806 km long, this overall distance is equivalent to that of 1,040,564 memorable family vacation. *

Over 80 2. Percentage of this Toyota sold in Canada over the last 20 years that are still on the road today. At Toyota, we're happy ... but not surprised. Design, selection of materials, quality workmanship, excellent after-sales service, we have worked hard to make each Toyota vehicle a high quality product that provides years and years (and years) of useful service to its owner. That is why we are so proud as Toyota and Lexus models to be first in seven categories of the 5th annual awards for the best resale value of the Canadian Black Book and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada has won a Gold award for classes quality manufacturing as a result of the study in 2010 on the initial quality by JD Power and Associates.

3 100. Percentage of this 2011 Toyota models that are equipped the Star Safety System, six active safety technologies that work together to help drivers avoid the Toyota incidents on the road. Toyota is the only manufacturer to equip all its models of these series of six technologies: control system of the stability of the vehicle, cruise traction system antilock brakes, electronic brake force distribution, brake assist, technology intelligent judgment. The unwavering determination Toyota ensure the safety of its customers will continue with the Canadian launch of a dozen new models or any new generation over the next 12 months, the Canadian-built Toyota Corolla significantly refreshed, which last year was one of the first choice in matters of safety from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

. 4 More than 18 000: the number of Canadians who work for Toyota - offices and business centers, as members of teams of winning or Toyota assembly plants in more than 300 dealers Toyota, Lexus and Scion independent serving the country from coast to another.

5 8 billion. This is the figure that represents investment and job creation activities of Toyota Canada, and it continues to grow. We are proud of our growing investment in Canada, as more and more people turn to Toyota, Lexus and - just recently - Scion vehicles to provide high quality, efficient, safe and sustainable perspective environmental. Our investments are realized by several manufacturing facilities and distribution throughout the country, as well as a research center in cold area.

6 4000000. Not only is it the number of vehicles we sold in Canada, it is also the number of vehicles we even doing here in the country. We believe it is important to make our vehicles we sell the or, and this is why 50% of the vehicles we sell in Canada are manufactured in Canada, no other manufacturer can claim generalist.

The largest automaker in the world 7. Fact is, Toyota has been Appointee's largest automobile manufacturer in the world for the third consecutive year. Here is a nice demonstration of the support we give our clients and their passion for the vehicles they drive.

Almost 40 8. Was the number of years during which we conducted tests in Toyota vehicles provided low temperatures, here in Canada, to be certain that every vehicle sold here works without problem in the Canadian climate. The first tests took place in 1972, and led to another we have established in October 1998, the Centre for Research in cold regions of Timmins, Ontario.

To see a video on important milestones golf Toyota Canada Inc. and the Canadian automotive sector over the last 46 years, visit our web site

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