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Spyker sells its own brand to better develop Saab

The year passes and the general surprise, the small Dutch manufacturer Spyker purchaser was a lame duck called Saab.

Barely a year later, we realized that it will invest big bucks to develop the Swedish brand and we need liquidity. That is why the sale of the Spyker brand had become essential to revive Saab.

This is the UK holding CPP Global Holdings Ltd, property tycoon Vladimir Antonov Russian, who has acquired the Spyker brand. Recall that Mr. Antonov is a close longtime Viktor Muller, the founder of the Spyker brand.

New revenues generated by the sale are estimated at 32 million euros. Of this amount, € 15 million will be reserved to the reduction of debt Saab while the other 17 million will be used over the next year to the development of new models.

But rest assured, the insane Spyker will continue to be handmade in the new factory in Coventry in England, including cutting and lightning C8 Aileron Spyder.

Spyker sells its own brand to better develop Saab picture #1

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