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Canadian Black Book announces winners of 2011 Best Retained Value

Canadian Black Book has announced the 2011 winners of the highly coveted award for the "The Best Retained Value".

The awards are given to vehicles 2007, over four years, retained the highest percentage of their value against the original MSRP in 17 categories.

The "The Best Retained Value" Canadian Black Book contest was launched in 2006. Retained value is a strong indicator of the future performance of a vehicle. For the consumer, choose a vehicle that whichever is high (lower depreciation rate) will reduce the overhead costs of ownership of a vehicle.

New this year, the distinction not only the first place, but also the second and third places in each segment. Here are the winners of "The Best Retained Value" Canadian Black Book:


Subcompact Volkswagen New Beetle

Compact Volkswagen Golf City

Intermediate: Subaru Outback

Full size: Toyota Avalon

Luxury - entry-level Volvo C30

Luxury: Volvo S80

Luxury - Premium: Lexus LS Series

Luxury sport: Jaguar XK

Sport: Volkswagen GTI

Trucks and vans:         

Compact pickup truck: Toyota Tacoma

Full-size pickup truck: Toyota Tundra

Minivan: Honda Odyssey

Full size Dodge Sprinter


Compact SUV Jeep Wrangler

Intermediate SUV: Toyota FJ Cruiser

Full-size SUV: Toyota Sequoia

Luxury SUV: Mercedes-Benz G Class

As in 2010, Toyota and Lexus won the largest number of awards, seizing the first places in six categories. This year, Volkswagen is increasing its number of first prizes three. And new figures are added to the winners circle, Volvo, winning two first prizes, and Jaguar and Jeep, each winning a prize.

"The depreciation is the biggest cost associated with ownership of a vehicle, and for six years, awards received for Best Retained Value have help buyers determine which vehicles have less depreciates in value," says Kathy Ward, Chief Officer of Canadian Black Book. "Consumers want to have as much information as possible before buying or selling a vehicle purchase. This contest, as well as the tool for calculating the exchange value of the vehicles on the site helps the consumer make informed decisions to purchase a vehicle. "

"This year, the awards are particularly exciting with new winners in several categories, notes Larry Shred, president of Canadian Black Book. "Some of our veterans are back, clearly indicating the reliability of their brand in spite of all obstacles, while new winners motivate everyone to stay in. This raises the bar for our entire industry and ultimately account, the consumer wins. "

For over 50 years, Canadian Black Book remains the ultimate guide auto values ​​for auto dealers, insurance companies and banking institutions. In 2010, Canadian Black Book has extended its range of services to consumers, thus becoming an impartial and reliable allies and an essential source of information for purchase and sale of vehicles. Web Site intended consumers welcomed over two million visitors since its launch last spring. offers practical tools that enable consumers to evaluate the exchange value of their vehicle, check out the future value of a vehicle, obtain expert advice and explore the range of vehicles New and Used, all for free.

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