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The title of best value Retained handed to the Mazda3

Canadian Black Book (CBB) recently awarded a prize of Mazda Canada "Best Retained Value" for the Mazda3. The price is attributed to 10 winners, in no particular order, based on data collected on the ages of four vehicles; in this case, the models 2005. All cars and trucks under $ 70,000 are eligible. The 10 winners are determined based on their ability to maintain their resale value compared to their original MSRP. In 2009, the Mazda3 is among the 10 winners. "The important factor about this award is that it has nothing with the future value, says Larry Shred, executive vice-president of CBB. The consumer confidence reinforced the model is based on the actual performance, as prices reflect the true value Retained by the vehicle. "

"The Residual values ​​are critical for a brand. A prize like this testifies to the commitment of the entire company Mazda and our network of dealers, says David Klan, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing at Mazda Canada. Consumers are offered a wide choice without precedent on the current market. In addition, our products Mazda stand out not only because they have a pleasant character to lead and shape stylisee, but also because they retain a considerable part of their value. It follows then that a growing number of consumers choosing Mazda. "

Worldwide, more than two million Mazda3 were built and since its launch, the Mazda3 has deserved more than 90 automotive awards internationally, including the highly coveted prize of the Canadian Car of the year in 2004. Mazda3 2010 second generation continues to define a dynamic vehicle a pleasant drive with a combination of style, functionality, safety and economy. Canadian Black Book publishes guides value and residual value of vehicles Black Book, the main reference for dealers and auto manufacturers, financial services companies, insurance companies and other sectors that have interests in the automotive industry.

The title of best value Retained handed to the Mazda3 picture #1

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