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Mazda MX-5: A new Guinness record

With 900,000 units produced, the Mazda MX-5 establishes a new Guinness World Record

Total production MX-5 sports convertible Mazda Motor Corporation, has established a 900,000 units 4 February 2011. This symbolic figure was reached 21 years and 10 months after the release of the first MX-5 in April 1989. He made his entry in the Guinness World Records as "sporty two-seater Cabriolet most sold in the world" when production reached 531,890 units in May 2000 Guinness. then updated the record when the MX-5 crossed the bar 700,000 then 800,000 units sold. Mazda is currently on track to register again his name in the Guinness World Records as the MX-5 is to establish a new record by reaching the bar of 900,000 units produced.

In the 1960s and 1970s, there were a large number of sports cars has both light and pleasant to drive, which combined excellent agility in driving pleasure opencast. In the 1980s, Mazda decided to revive this spirit by creating a new roadster in modern times. Thus, in using the techniques of the most advanced manufacturing, Mazda developed the MX-5 and the presenta in February 1989 with the desire to remind everyone that the line can remain happy, even subject has standards of quality and safety of increasingly stringent. To date, the MX-5 remains the oldest model of the international Mazda range.

"Since the launch of the original model, the MX-5 has undergone two complete restyling and a whole series of improvements. His successor, who has never dementi over time, the MX-5 is primarily the unwavering support of her fans around the world. In the future, I will make sure to preserve the spirit of the MX-5 while making sure it is appreciated by a growing number of drivers, "promised Nobuhiro Yamamoto, program manager of the current MX-5.

"More than twenty years have passed since the birth of the first generation MX-5, Seita Kanai recalls, SEO (Senior Executive Officer) Mazda charge of development. Throughout this period, the Company and the vehicles themselves have evolved a lot. Environmental issues and exhaustion of natural resources of the planet have become two major concerns in the eyes of automakers. As part of its efforts to protect the environment, Mazda presents the last year its latest SKYACTIV technologies. Currently, we are actively contributing to the development of future products that will incorporate these new technologies. Many blocks of our SKYACTIV technologies, such as systematic weight reduction, based on long years of development at the service of the MX-5. Indeed, this model embodies to perfection the director behind the SKYACTIV technologies principle - namely the production of vehicles pleasant to drive. "

"As our next goal is to cross the mythical one million units, Seita Kanai continued, Mazda is committed to further evolve the MX-5. We will advance its driveability and still will elevate its ecological performance and security level. While Mazda is preparing to celebrate its 91st anniversary, we believe has already celebrate the centenary of the brand. In the coming years, we will ensure, to the dimensions of his diehard fans, the MX-5 remains one of the iconic symbols of the Mazda brand. "

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