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Chevrolet Cruze EV: South Korean initiative

GM widens his research on electric car with a fleet of Chevrolet Cruze electric demonstration

    * Developed by GM and LG for a fleet demonstration in South Korea

    * The first tests show a range of 160 km with a load

    * The program will begin in late October

Seoul - General Motors yesterday announced a demonstration project to explore market needs and reactions of public acceptance vis-a-vis the electric battery cars in Korea. The project implements a fleet of electric vehicles on the base model has successfully Chevrolet Cruze. Result of a joint development leads by GM Daewoo, LG Chem and LG Electronics, the electric Cruze will be part of a demo fleet that will roll in the capital of South Korea, Seoul.

The project aims to enhance the basic skills of GM in the electrification of the automobile, in the field of batteries, electric motors, power management and charging. It will draw lessons BASED on actual use made by users of electric cars battery. It will focus also study the types of routes, frequencies refills while sharing costs and resources. This is the essential step in the strategy of global development of electric car battery or GM. This project demonstrators should begin in late October. Fleet demonstration montees GM with other partners will also be launched at the end of this year in other metropolises.

The Cruze EV (Electric Vehicle) that makes up the demo fleet will be the first full-size sedan has hit the road. She will receive batteries supplied by LG Chem and propulsion systems (motor / rectifier) ​​LG Electronics. The demo fleet electric vehicles from GM in South Korea will consist of Chevrolet Cruze and GM Daewoo Lacetti Premiere. GM sells the car under the local brand in South Korea.

"This project demonstrators Cruze EV reinforces GM's commitment to become a leader in the development of electric vehicles and green technologies, building on our portfolio of hybrids and the Chevrolet Volt," said Karl Stracke has, Vice- president of GM International Engineering load of the vehicle. "We will have the advantage of lessons learned from this project and other demonstration projects, which enable us to offer our clientele the very best."

The Cruze EV is equipped with a 31 kWh battery developping a maximum power of 150 kW. The demonstration fleet will be monitored closely to determine the real autonomy in daily use of a car of this size. When specific test programs conducted by LG Chem, demonstrators were able to accomplish as much as 160 km. Cars cross the 0 to 100 km / h in 8.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 165 km / h.

Plugged into a standard 220 volts AC outlet, the Cruze EV can be fully recharged in 8 to 10 hours. One of the objectives of the fleet will test the possibilities to realize "quick charge", which would significantly reduce the charging time.

"While there is still much work to be done, we show that we could develop this vehicle in less than a year. This portends good prospects for our customers to Korea and around the world, "Mike provides Arcamone, President and General Director of GM Daewoo.

The batteries are usually housed in the trunk. Peculiarity of the Cruze EV batteries are situated in the basement. The Cruze EV retains the same boot space than conventional versions a combustion engine.

"The development of the domestic work of the electric car requires major opportunities for collaboration between GM Daewoo and LG Chem," said Peter Bahnsuk Kim, Vice-President and CEO of LG Chem. "Over the last two years, we have established a close partnership with GM, and we believe now able to do the same with GM Daewoo in our home country. "

Since 2008, GM is working with LG Chem, which is the exclusive supplier of battery cells for the Chevrolet Volt extended-range. The Volt will be commercialized in the U.S. by the end of march this year. The development of the demo fleet Chevrolet Cruze EV will extend this collaboration.

Chevrolet Cruze EV: South Korean initiative picture #1

Chevrolet Cruze EV: South Korean initiative picture #2

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