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Toyota Avalon 2000 2004: A reminder of 4,200 cars in Canada

Toyota announces voluntary safety campaign involving certain Toyota Avalon vehicles to replace the support of the steering column.

Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) today announced its intention to conduct a voluntary safety campaign involving approximately 4,200 vehicles Toyota Avalon 2000 2004 to remedy the risk of breakage of the locking bar of the steering wheel under certain conditions . No other Toyota or Lexus vehicle is key in this recall.

Due to improper casting bar locking the steering wheel, which is an element of the interlocking system of driving, it is possible that a tiny crack is formed on its surface. This crack is likely to grow over a long period of locking and unlocking Repeated and bar could end up breaking. It would be difficult to unlock the system interlock to the stop.

If, while driving, the vehicle is moving towards the right with sufficient lateral acceleration, a bar lock and loose brisee could move to the steering shaft. If the engagement hole in the shaft is aligned at the same or brisee locking bar has moved, this could cause the engagement of the lock of the steering wheel and increase the risk of accident. However, no accident connects this situation has been reported to Toyota.

Continuing its efforts to remedy any security problem reports and to strengthen its operations for quality assurance on a global scale so that Toyota owners have confidence in the safety of their vehicles, Toyota will replace the steering column bracket the vehicles concerned, a procedure that will take about two hours, after work hours dealer. From the end of August 2010, Toyota will notify owners by first class mail to entrust their vehicle to their Toyota dealer for a free replacement of the steering column bracket.

Guests will find the details and answers to questions about it on the website or by contacting the Centre Customer Interaction Toyota 1 888-TOYOTA-8.

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