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Lexus LX 470 2003 2007: A big 520 recalled vehicles in Canada

Lexus announces voluntary safety campaign involving certain LX 470 vehicles to address any potential disengagement of the steering shaft

Lexus Canada today announced its intention to conduct a voluntary safety campaign involving approximately 520 vehicles LX 470 2003 2007 to remedy a problem at the steering shaft. No other Lexus vehicle is key in this campaign.

Lexus has determined that the construction of the steering shaft 470 LX concerned that the elastic ring of the tree may disengage when the vehicle undergoes an unusually sudden impact at the front wheels, including the crossing of a nest deep-holes. If this elastic ring disengages and the steering wheel is rotated repeatedly until it stops over time the steering shaft could disconnect. No incidents connected to this situation has been reported to Lexus Canada.

Having made a commitment to establish a new standard of quality of customer service and ensuring relentlessly to the security of prompts Lexus, the Lexus engineers, after a thorough investigation on this problem have found an effective and sustainable solution which will help to avoid this situation in the future.

The solution is to replace the elastic ring by a ring of new design and install an additional component to prevent separation of the steering shaft. Lexus will begin to send by first class mail notices to owners of affected vehicles from mid-August 2010 asking them to entrust their vehicles to their local Lexus dealer in order to execute the solution for free.

Can obtain detailed information about the recall by calling Lexus Canada at 1 800 26 1800 LEXUS or 265-3987 or by visiting

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