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Toyota celebrates 10 years of Prius in Canada

Toyota Canada thanked Canadians for making the Prius the most popular hybrid vehicle in the country by providing more than 20,000 units since its launch.

There ten years, Toyota launched a new kind of car in North America. It was the Prius, an affordable car powered by a hybrid system petrol and electricity. Over the decade that followed, the Prius affix a indelible mark on the automotive industry. This car has the form readily recognizable corner proved a change agent and a generator of innovative ideas. To date, more than 1.8 million Prius have been sold worldwide, including over 20,000 in Canada. Review of Toyota, the best environmental solutions are those that consumers adopt easily, and the Prius has succeeded handily in this chapter.

"It was ten years ago, we presented the first generation Prius to Canadians, which has launched a movement for hybrid vehicles and sustainable transportation throughout the country," stressed Yoichi Tomihara, President of Toyota Canada Inc. "Since then, 50,000 Canadian drivers of hybrid vehicles Toyota and Lexus have not followed suit, and we hope that today we see the beginning of a movement in support of the same kind has the plug-in hybrid technology.

"The Prius is the first arrived in North America in July 2000, 10 years ago, and since public opinion has shifted dramatically in favor of increasing the production and adoption of technologies transport more sustainable. Nowadays there are almost 23 hybrid models from 11 brands on Canadian roads, and others are in preparation. Much of patent applications during the development of the first Prius are now used under license by manufacturers who benefit also of the initial investment in R & D Toyota. Despite this, almost a third of hybrid vehicles operating in Canada are Prius, and it remains the reference to which we compare all hybrids.

Estimated 20 000 and more Canadians have chosen to drive a Toyota Prius rather than a conventional car of the same category have prevented the release of 190,000 tonnes of CO (2) in the atmosphere, have preserved 80 million liters of gasoline and 80 million economise their precious dollars *.

Although it was generally believed that they were environmentalists, early Prius owners were in fact rather likely to be the ferus technology professionals. Very aware of public affairs and global developments, these pioneers were well aware of the impact of their choices. They became articulated developers of hybrid technology.

Driving a Prius procured a satisfaction of a new kind, founded on a new set of values. This car enriched with advanced equipment was a response to global problems that were becoming more important every year. First unlike electric cars, it was an affordable transportation solution and could use existing infrastructure without charging problem or a limit on autonomy.

Today, the Prius has become a mainstream car. She is an icon for our company, the flagship of our leadership in matters of sustainable mobility.

* Based on average consumption estimated by NRCan for compact vehicles / intermediate model years 2001 to 2010, on an annual driving distance of 20 000 km and average fuel prices in Canada established by J. Erving.

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