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Kia Canada presents a very aggressive marketing campaign

The different departments of marketing manufacturers are all working very hard to present and especially to tout the benefits of obtaining a model of the brand. But today there is a choice between a multitude of brands and models whose reliability has been greatly improved, which brings them a duty to promote the various supplementary services to motorists through dealers in brand.

Kia Canada is obviously one of them and it is for this reason that we now present its new advertising campaign CALLED "Drive Change", which wants to stand out from other advertising campaigns touting the great dynamism of this South Korean brand will Offir us over the next two years, several new models.

Here is the press release issued to this effect:


Kia Canada Inc. launches "Drive Change," the first national marketing campaign sector

    -   "Drive Change" expresses how Kia is an engine

        change in the automotive sector with its designs

        top quality

    -   "Drive Change" also reflects the commitment Kia

        difference by contributing to make improvements in

        the communities of Canada

MISSISSAUGA, ON, July 22. / CNW / - Kia Canada Inc., maker of quality vehicles for the young at heart, today announced the most significant national marketing campaign in the sector, which is called "Drive Change". The campaign focused on the evolution of the Kia brand, will present its new range of top quality products while seeking to create an emotional tie with Canadian consumers through the intermediary of his most recent engagement in matters of social responsibility.

"We worked very closely with our colleagues from the marketing sector, Innocean Canada and David & Goliath, to design an innovative and inspiring campaign. The campaign clearly describes our new features to the forefront of automotive design while reflecting the continued commitment of Kia Canada help local communities, "stated Maria Soklis, vice-president and chief operating officer of Kia Canada Inc. . "The" Drive Change campaign "will be the motor that will better know our brand by creating emotive links with consumers through traditional media and social media; Kia and differentiate from other automakers. "

Kia Canada has invested in an integrated media campaign that will consist of four television commercials, a positioning line predominant in billboards located at strategic locations as well as a presence in cinema, in newspapers and in magazines.

Kia Canada also unveiled a Facebook ( / kiacanada) page, a Twitter account ( / kiadrivechange) and a channel on YouTube ( / kiacanada). These channels describe step by step the creation of the "Drive Change" campaign and will henceforth to disseminate information. They provide Kia has a unique and innovative way to reach consumers.

The two television commercials for "Drive Change" campaign were filmed recently in the context of two sessions of fifteen hours using chronocinematrographie. These ads illustrate the changes that help improve the lives of two groups of people thanks to the participation of volunteers and employees of Kia Canada Inc. and the use of vehicles Kia - Soul and Sorento.

The first ad was filmed in the middle of hosting youth Second Base Scarborough, Ontario, the basketball court has undergone significant restoration for residents of the center. This land was virtually unusable. Kia Canada has so completely reconditioned and everything that surrounds it, including the ground surface, baskets, players benches and gardens.

The second ad was filmed in Toronto Community Housing situated on Gilder Avenue. The grounds of this housing complex required immediate restoration. The MADE improvements directly stemmed from comments expressed by residents and included the creation of a common green space of rest, sustainable gardens and an area of ​​waste deposits back with access for wheelchairs.

Kia inspires and stimulates change by distinguishing it from other automakers as young and dynamic brand that cares about the community and adopting a responsible driving.

The next phase of the evolution of the brand will launch Sportage MY 2011 as well as three additional vehicles over the next twelve months. Kia is more know as one of the best automotive companies in the world and has recently exceeded one million sales on a global scale for the first six months of 2010.

Kia Motors Corporation strives to continue to grow and increase its global presence while demonstrating a social conscience. To this end, Kia implements various community programs on a global scale and local in order to maintain long-term relationships based on understanding of the economic and cultural contexts throughout its global network. It builds to do on universal interests such as sport, the environment, health and education.

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