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Rinspeed UC Concept: a mobility UNCOVERED

The prestigious Swiss Rinspeed preparateur a accustomed or a staple of the auto show in Geneva, already announced in March the unveiling of a small city a versatile mobility, CALLED UC Concept.

With an overall length of only 2500 mm, which is shorter by a few mm to the dimensions of the small Smart, it goes without saying that we really matter a city and a bumper to the other .

A new way of doing

This car is all electric pocket presented we can only accommodate two passengers and their small suitcase. The conduct of the latter is entirely under the control of a handle of type 'joystick'. So without pedals and take some time to adapt to appease this new technological approach. Its navigation system includes an option 'Traffic Jam', whose peculiarity is to identify bottlenecks and thus to direct the driver to access the least mishap, so he could enjoy greater autonomy, announced in here 120 km.

Avenue typically European

The main innovation brings with it the small car, is in the opportunity to climb aboard a train, on a well inside their compartments are reserved.

Moreover, these spaces benefit from power outlets to allow recharging lithium-ion, while these cars will then be capitalized.

We know that the European rail system is extremely well developed and the approach that is proposed here by the preparer Rinspeed could become reality out there. But in terms of the rail system North American, including Canada, are not even believe!

Obviously, it goes without saying that such use of our vehicles, more rational, the first consequence would relieve the atmosphere in CO2 fumes. However, this also involves huge constraints, which could cause many motorists continue to use existing channels to get from point A to point B ...

Rinspeed UC Concept: a mobility UNCOVERED picture #1

Rinspeed UC Concept: a mobility UNCOVERED picture #2

Rinspeed UC Concept: a mobility UNCOVERED picture #3

Rinspeed UC Concept: a mobility UNCOVERED picture #4

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