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Hyundai Canada is committed to clean air program with its Clean Air Commitment

The South Korean manufacturer Hyundai is the first in Canada to join incitiatifs the federal government via the "Retire Your Ride" program, which offers a $ 300 rebate to owners of eligible vehicles, plus additional incentives for means more energy efficient alternative transport.

Hyundai, the "Clean Air Commitment" program obviously applies to the purchase of a new vehicle of the brand. Depending on the vehicle, the program Hyundaisien offer a discount that can vary between $ 500 and $ 1000, and comes in addition to federal government rebate for vehicles that are eligible.

For the federal government, its "Retire Your Ride" will address particularly to vehicles of less than 1995 and that are still in working order, and have been registered and insured in the last six months.

For more details on this great initiative of Hyundai Canada, here is the press release issued to this effect:



The first automaker in Canada improve the government program auto recycling

Markham, Ontario, August 19, 2009 - As part of its environmental objective to contribute to cleaner air we breathe today and in the future, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.. today unveiled its "Clean Air Commitment" program, a bonus up to $ 1,000 in addition to the incentives of government programs to withdraw from circulation the old more polluting vehicles and encourage Canadians to adopt means of transport more energy efficient. Although such programs are increasingly recognized around the world for their efficiency, Hyundai is the first automaker in Canada to launch such a bonus program.

"Hyundai is committed to clean air in Canada," said Steve Kelleher, president and chief executive officer of Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.. "Our Clean Air Commitment is a matter of responsibility on our part to ensure a harmonious balance between the production of vehicles and the environment; it is a question of air quality today and tomorrow. As the pollutant emission reduction has an instantaneous and direct impact on the quality of the air we breathe, so to reduce the number of older, more polluting vehicles on our roads is a matter of common sense. This is something we can do today that has immediate impact on the environment. We believe this is a brilliant move. "

"Everywhere around the world, we see automobile manufacturers association has governments in order to reduce hazardous polluting emission so that we can all breathe cleaner air," says Peter Corbyn, founder and president of Green Nexxus. "Hyundai has assumed the role of leader in this area and we hope that other automakers emboiterons not doing their part to promote clean air and building more efficient vehicles. "

Depending on the vehicle, the Clean Air Commitment program Hyundai offers an additional discount of $ 500 to $ 1,000 plus incentives program of the federal government "Retire Your Ride", which offers a $ 300 rebate for eligible vehicles and incentives for more efficient means of alternative transportation. The cash discount is applicable AIRPUR buying a more fuel-efficient new Hyundai vehicle, and that, in addition to the purchase incentives offered under the programs currently in place at Hyundai.

 "By improving all government incentives, we hope Hyundai promote a significant withdrawal from circulation of old polluting vehicles," says Kelleher. And as our cash discount "Clean Air Commitment" can be combined for deals currently available under our "The Hyundai Advantage, it's brilliant! "It is even easier for Canadians to get a new and less polluting vehicle. "

Hyundai has set the objective to become the leader in environmental matter in the automotive industry and reposition the Hyundai brand as a source of innovative technologies. Under the program "Blue Drive" Korean manufacturer, Hyundai is committed to reducing harmful emissions and develop ecological technologies, enabling it to offer to the market a range of vehicles and energy efficient and environmentally products . The first vehicle to be offered in Canada will be the Sonata hybrid, using a technology lithium-polymer Hyundai, a first in the industry. The manufacturer also intends to take the lead in matters of fuel economy by offering a range of vehicles consuming an average of 6.7 liters per 100 km (35 miles per gallon) by 2015, five years before maturity 2020 Canadian and American governments.

"In addition to develop innovative environmental technologies on a global scale in the future, we do all that is possible today to contribute to cleaner air for Canadians," said Kelleher. "By investing heavily in research and development, Hyundai leads the fight to improve the environment. "

Facts about air quality:

When surveyed, the air quality was the third largest environmental concern for Canadians, far ahead of well-known climate change and Global warming problems. **

Given that Canadians consume a lot of energy, we end up second in the world in the production of greenhouse gas emissions per capita.

The 1995 model year or anterior vehicles produce 19 times more smog-causing air pollutants that vehicles 2004 or more recent. *

These old vehicles represent a quarter of vehicles on Canadian roads and generate no less than half of smog-causing pollutants from the personal use of the vehicle. *

Hyundai Canada is committed to clean air program with its Clean Air Commitment picture #1

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