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GM Canada joins in turn the "Retire Your Ride"

Up to $ 3,000 for customers who bring their old polluting vehicles scrapped

General Motors of Canada announced the launch of a new Canadian rebate program in exchange of old vehicles, offering a rebate of up to $ 3,000 for the purchase of a new GM vehicle for Canadians participating in "Ride program Ride "of the federal government.

"The delivery of GM in exchange of old vehicles is based on the success of last four years of partnership with GM Canada Clean Air Foundation in the program Autos Heaven," explained Marc Comeau, vice-president of sales, after-sales and marketing at GM Canada. "GM Canada had been the first automaker to support the Clean Air Foundation in its efforts to remove old polluting vehicles on our roads very to reduce significantly the way gas emissions greenhouse. In fact, since the beginning of Car Heaven program, more than 58,000 old vehicles were scrapped.

GM offers great new trucks and cars for drivers who plan to get rid of their old vehicles. The all new Chevrolet Equinox Poster rated combined fuel consumption of just 7.8 L/100 km, surpassing all vehicles with a petrol engine in its class. The GMC Terrain offers the capacity, technical development and refinement that define GMC for more than a century and, in addition to these great products manufactured in Canada, the all-new vehicles Buick LaCrosse, SRX and CTS Sport Wagon Cadillac will be available later this fall, "said Marc Comeau.

The rebate program in exchange of old vehicles GM will allow eligible customers participating in the "Retire Your Ride" program, supported by the Government of Canada, to get a discount of $ 500, $ 1,000, $ 2,000 or $ 3,000 , as the replacement vehicle they choose. The discount will be applicable to cash purchase or financing of a GM 2009 or 2010 eligible and will add to the discounts offered under the "Retire Your Ride" program, including a $ 300 bonus vehicle.

"Retire Your Ride" is a project supported by the Government of Canada program, administers a national scale by the Clean Air Foundation and manages locally by environmental organizations in each province. Since February 2009, the "Retire Your Ride" program recycles almost permanent way to 15,000 vehicles.

To be eligible for the rebate program in exchange of the old GM vehicles, it must be a 1995 or older model, in working order, records and ensures proper form during the last six months (12 months BC).

GM Canada joins in turn the "Retire Your Ride" picture #1

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