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The Hyundai Genesis wins 'APEAL' awarded by JD Power and Associates

The owners praising their Genesis for its performance, finish and Layouts.

JD Power and Associates awarded the Hyundai Genesis as the premium vehicle intermediate the most attractive in the context of its APEAL Survey 2009 performance, finishing and interior fittings in automotive matter (APEAL - Automotive Performance , Execution and Layout StudySM).

The APEAL survey by JD Power and Associates determined that consumers like and dislike relatively new to their vehicle during the first 90 days of taking possession of their vehicle, while particularly in terms of design, the equipment , the Layouts and performance. Genesis got a high score for its exterior design, engine, transmission, comfort of its interior as well as its technological features and entertainment - collecting a total of 864 points, 26 points above the average intermediate high-end vehicles on the market. In addition, the Hyundai brand has improved its overall score by collecting 16 points more than in 2008.

"We are totally delighted to accept this award from JD Power and Associates testifying the satisfaction and pride of the owners for their Genesis," said Dave Zuchowski, vice president of national sales of Hyundai Motor America. "The Genesis offers luxury equipment and high performance at unmatched compared to other vehicles in its class price. And winning a prize as the APEAL price, it becomes obvious that the Genesis surpasses the expectations of consumers who want a high-end vehicle. "

"Over the years, it has been shown that each vehicle having obtained a high APEAL score was selling faster, required less cash incentives and procured a profit margin higher", says JD Power and Associates.

The APEAL award JD Power and Associates adds to the growing number of honors and praises the Genesis has merits, including the title of "Car of the year in North America" ​​(a first for a Korean manufacturer ), the "Best new model" in 2009 according to Kiplinger, the price of "Satisfaction vehicles" AutoPacific, and more. Genesis has also contributed last month ranked Hyundai as part of the initial quality survey by JD Power and Associates, ranking the highest rank among manufacturers of consumer vehicles and the fourth largest globally - a real leap from the thirteenth rank of the previous year. Hyundai Genesis sedan establishes a new standard in the category of high-end cars. With a base price from $ 33,000, the Genesis offers features performance and luxury that is usually found only in vehicles costing thousands of dollars more found.


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