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Porsche: Turnaround unexpected situations

Porsche: Turnaround unexpected situations picture #1

Volkswagen redeemed 49.9% stake in Porsche

The year passes, the German manufacturer Porsche was purchaser of 51% of Volkswagen shares and with the ultimate goal to take the ultimate control.

Unfortunately, and perhaps fortunately, the financial crisis everywhere across the planet, came thwart Porsche suddenly finds himself in a precarious financial situation than, requiring among other things has be new financial partners.

The inevitable reversal

Among the rescuers of the Stuttgart manufacturer, there is the Arab emirate of Qatar, which injects billions of euros to save the manufacturer Porsche, in addition to participating in the assets of Volkswagen, and a height of 17%.

In the end, ca will not David who will have the upper hand over Goliath, but it will become the new owner of the prestigious Porsche, whose estimated costs reach the 8 billion euros.

The second largest manufacturer

The German auto giant already has nine brands, and with the purchase of Porsche park pass ten highly distinctive marks. In addition to these brands, Volkswagen includes within it the brands Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Seat and Skoda. To these last, we also found heavy brand MAN and Scania trucks.

Volkswagen has never been so close to becoming the world's number one global manufacturers. With the collapse of General Motors, Volkswagen of this year could end up in 2nd place, just behind Toyota. In 2008, Toyota had produced 7.7 million vehicles, 6.6 million GM and Volkswagen 6.2 million. These are particularly emerging markets such as China, India, the countries of Eastern Europe and South America that will allow the German manufacturer to become the greatest.

Buds jump

The two main architects of the plan, that Porsche would take control of Volkswagen, just resign. The boss Wendelin Wiedeking, who in 1993 had saved the manufacturer from bankruptcy and certain financial director Holger Harter finally get their reverence, face this situation more ambiguous, they have created wanting to appropriate the giant Volkswagen.

For those who find our directors earn huge salaries, I remind you that the boss Wendelin Wiedeking was the best pay of Germany with a total revenue of € 80 million, and that his departure would premium fixed at 50 million euros.  

Porsche: Turnaround unexpected situations picture #2

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