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Porsche and Volkswagen, finally we merge prefers

The time you read these lines, the automaker Porsche holds indeed 51% stake in Volkswagen, but to take control, he would acquire the shares of the regional state of Lower Saxony in the north, which s 'amounted to a little over 20% stake. Thus, Porsche would require to acquire at least 75% of assets in Volkswagen to take control.

But economic crisis and declines in sales and profits require, Porsche and Piech families seem rather move towards a merger that would enable them to more readily pass through the current fluctuations in different global markets. Both families have therefore agreed to establish a working group that will analyze the main task or the best avenue to take to merge the two entities.

A new giant

 Currently, the Volkswagen Group is the third largest automobile producer in the world, behind Toyota and General Motors-. However, if the economic situation was worse GM or switch to controlled bankruptcy, Volkswagen then increase in the second position.

Rounding the figures of the year 2008, we see that Toyota produced 7.7 million vehicles, against 6.6 million for GM and 6.2 million units for Volkswagen. For the latter, the new markets EMERGING including those of China and India is a fertile or its implementation continues to grow even faster than that of its main competitors, including Toyota. It is therefore not a surprise to learn that the German giant is confidently pole position in terms of global production.

The group now has ten brands

The German auto giant already has nine brands and the merger with Porsche will grant him a 10th brand. Thus, the Volkswagen group includes among its members, in addition to these last, the brands Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Seat and Skoda. We also found the heavy-duty truck brand Scania and Man.

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